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05-11-2010, 05:24 AM
Hi guys and girlies,

I'll say now flame and ill eat you NOMNOMNOM

Anywho, been palying the game for 3 days now, ima total nubbins. Ive been playing klingon as a tact flying the BOP.

I've noticed a distinct lack in klingon missions and content also the fact im a total glass cannon. I was jsut curious on what everyones view on the "best" race/faction/ship class and build. I know its a kind of situational thing, just overall would like to get some idea's as im tempted to make a new character. Be it Klingon or Fed.

Oh im most interested by the space combat PVP. Flying around at high speed with my head out of the window panting like a dog

Any help/advise on teh classes, races ships anything would be awsome.

Remember flamers NOMNOMNOMNOM
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05-11-2010, 06:23 AM
I hate to say it but you posted in a feedback for the game forum. Anyways, I'll give what little advice I have.

Glass cannon is a build I suppose you might say, if you can destroy your target before it has time to mount a retaliating strike you are good. I haven't played as the klingons, but as the feds I fly as a tac/esc but I probably have a strange way of playing. Some people load up all their weapons up front for a fatal initial barrage, others focus on staying power.

You might try covariant shields with a [cap] increase. They will help a lot against the initial barrage, and with proper allocations of reinforcement, recharge well. I also recommend having weapons that aren't all forwards facing. I have a dual beam bank as well as a single beam bank and torpedoes up front and a turret in the back. It's light on 360' coverage, but has good 240' coverage, allowing you to sustain an attack from the sides and taking stress off your forward shields when necessary.

If that doesn't work you can always be a tac in a cruiser. It has a much stronger hull and more power for shields. Sci ships are in the middle I think but they also have the ability to target subsystems natively which is a cool trait for a tac officer. You might look into sensor jamming which will take the heat off of you.

I wish I had a bunch of advice, there are lots of players who are super in depth about this stuff. I focus more on my strategy of approaching a battle and decisions inside than skill allocation, etc... I'm sure someone else can help with that. All I know is warp core training is a good skill for pretty much everyone.

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