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granted, i only have the demo, but the only personality the bridge officers have shown are the first three at the beginning, and that's when they introduce themselves.

currently, each officer has some ground and space skills which you can upgrade, and you can retrain these skills at space stations. you can also change there appearance, but not species or gender.

now, to those of you who play Guild Wars, you probably have nightfall or eye of the north. in these, they have heros, who are similar to officers, expect that you can't change the appearance. during cut scenes and random chatter, they at least show personality(well, the nightfall ones do).

normal officer set up, expect you choose your officers personality type as well. this can be changed at any time. just, please make the personality descriptions and what you get accurate.
most personalitys would be available to everyone, but some would be race specific, and maybe gender specific.
i would be ok if they just added idle and battle chatter.
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05-15-2010, 04:28 PM
If you want to change officers you send your current ones back to Star Fleet and you go pickup a new one. This costs merits though you can also recruit officers from the exchange for energy credits.

So far the only real emotion you can set is the stance choice, which sets their idle animation.
At one time they had voice options but they didn't make it into live and they would say things like, incoming message and so on.
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05-15-2010, 04:37 PM
I'd really like some personality too. It simply irritates me that I can have a sci BO with nothing but heals and a trait 'aggressive' just because the species is generally more aggressive than average. Why would someone with an aggressive personality become a healer?

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