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Greetings lifeforms,

Special Assignments and Response was established not long after the worldwide release of STO. SPEAR is a casual fleet comprising approximately 20 members. As with most fleets, we are here to promote cooperation and camaraderie among players in game. We have weekly task force missions, normally scheduled for either saturday or sunday. But, unlike some other fleets, we hold to our belief that we are here to have fun. There are no mandates. If you do not wish to take part in a particular aspect of fleet activities, you do not have to. Also, we all have lives outside of the game. It is understood in SPEAR that circumstances arrise that prevent one's attendance or require one to leave a mission early. Life cannot be lived exclusively in front of a computer.
One of the other principles at the core of SPEAR is that attitudes get checked at the login server. Everyone is expected to be treated with respect, member or not, friend or foe. If that is too much to ask, then you don't have to play with us.
If you do choose to join our ranks, you will have access to our fleet munitions bank. Members are free to use hardware that has been donated to the fleet and encouraged to make deposits for those members at lower levels. However, regardless of rank or position, for any gear from the fleet bank that is sold, the credits from that sale are to be deposited back into the fleet bank.
We accept new members of any level or skill. Those experienced members among us are always willing to lend a helping hand if there are questions that need answers or klingons that need vaporizing. Special Assignments and Response is no less than a great group of people to work, play, and have fun with.

Peace through knowledge

Adm Wake Roberts
Flag Officer-SPEAR

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