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I've tried to do a search to see if anyone has run into this before but can't seem to find a related thread.

I am playing on Normal level and this is my 3rd character that I am taking to RA5. So I do have some experience in playing this game....

One thing I have recently noticed is that my Tractor Beam powers from the Science Bridge Officer occasionally does not work. The timer clearly is reset and in the heat of battle, I want to activate the Tractor Beam and NOTHING HAPPENS! This is very annoying and I cannot tell if this is a bug or "feature" where there are power fluctuations/lapses which would cause the power to not work. If that is the case, wouldn't it be appropriate just to dim that power's button like when we get hit by Viral Matrix?

Sometimes, my tactical officer's High Yield Torpedoes power doesn't activate either even when timer has reset.

Other times, my Engineering Team I power, doesn't repair at all. However, I have noticed that when that happens, many of my crew are in gold (injured?) status?

Can anyone shed some light on this Intermittent Bridge Office Power Lapses/Failures? Why have I not noticed this before in my prior 2 characters?


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