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I think Klingon ship customization needs alot of work, so I have decided to go ahead and make a list of things id like to see added for season 2 or a later update...either needs to be done. Feel free to post any other additions you'd like to make trying to avoid the issues with the current ship models...those issues are in another thread. These are things id like to see added and worked on in the fairly near future.

Klingon specific windows...currently all we have is Fed TOS style windows...they look like arse on Klingon vessels...we need square yellow/off white windows on our ships.

K'vort class ship for T5...dont care whether its on C-store or not...I would do anything to get a good looking B'rel style ship for T5...the K'vort is basically a big B'rel with upswept wings (and YES they are upswept...I just watched an episode of TNG that had 2 K'vorts attacking the Bor'tas with Gowron and Worf on I know...also play ST Legacy if you must get further confirmation )

More Klingon ship materials...right now all we have is the grey/dull green color for Klingon ships...what ever happened to Klingon ships being deep/vibrant greens...look at the below pics for further inspiration:


The Enterprise style BoP looks cool as well, its nothing too crazy...but worth taking inspiration from:

The overall detail on Klingon ships is obscene, sorry for being harsh...


Season 1 saw an influx of several new Klingon ships designs...the BoP being the worst of the looks like a Mosquito...the BC one looks like a Hammerhead shark. Please be more original with your designs, believe it or not...whether your care or not...this game is not as Star Trek as many would like...and this is partially due to some ships designs not fiitting in at all. The Vo'Quv was actually a fairly decent design...I applaud the team for that.

Klingon nacelles (the red parts of them) need to glow red alot more...the glow would make them look a little better..kind of like the below pic:

Allow us to put the blue/red/yellow/green klingon symbol on our ships...I prefer this colourfil insignia over the current dull grey/black/grey one:

I shall continue adding ideas to this thread as I come up with them.

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