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05-18-2010, 02:43 PM
Unfortunately, I don't understand sector space at all. We can't be at warp, does anyone know why?

"Faster than light, no left and right."

You can not turn while at warp.

Sector space is just a mess (In my opinion) Though I can't think of a "non boring" (my opinion) way of having warp speed space. It would basically be point, click, wait. Of course you could walk around on the "interiors" during the flight. But if they do that they might as well remove the outside view, I mean it would serve no purpose.

Anyway, can't turn at warp. So sector space is not a "true" representation of warp speed.

(EDIT To put foot in mouth)
This episode first establishes the Starfleet guideline "Faster than light, no left or right" or "Maintain a linear trajectory wherever possible while at warp speed". This is the only episode in any of the modern Trek series to place a restriction on the movement of a vessel at warp speed. Consequently, this is the only episode where a starship is not able to maneuver at warp speeds.
Voyager: "Fury"

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