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Greeting All,

I’ve been having problems with my Federation Liberated Borg Engineer. While piloting my Star Cruiser I noticed that I did very little damage to enemies at full power to weapons and at full power to shields my defense was average at best. Yesterday during the Borg war zone daily I was using a balanced power level setting 53 all around and I was able to hold off 2 Klingon BOP and 1 Battle Cruiser for what seemed like forever. My vessels hull never dropped below 40% and all my regeneration skills would nearly bring me back to 100% on shields and hull. I also did decent damage to any of the ships that I’d target, not great damage but enough to let them know I was there. The Klingons called me a hacker and gave up trying to destroy me (yay me!) My experience got me to thinking, are there ideal power levels for each of the 3 classes in STO? Is it better to use lower power levels and just have high efficiencies in the 4 fields? While I’m on the subject of efficiencies, is the Borg Engineering Bridge Officer with the efficient space trait any better than a very rare Engineering Bridge Officer without it? For the record I have the Amazon Borg BO.

Thanks for your time
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05-20-2010, 11:46 AM
The answers you seek are contained within this thread topic... Beginners Guide to Ship's Power 2.0 - Star Trek Online Forums:
Lt. Commander
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05-20-2010, 01:21 PM
The guide was very helpful!

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