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Finally, and IIm sure I'm repeating this.

However, there's been alot of feedback on missions.
So Im giving mine.

I'd like to see the Trek in the missions. Running around and turning off things and scannign a computers core is not the trekking that I'm familiar with.

I'd like to see some challenge to these missions, some real puzzles. Maybe some advanced missions.
Not sliding the advanced bar. I'm talking about getting the materials for a genesis device and building one as a mission for an example. Make it hard, make it fun , make you group with others to do it and make this count.

That's just one of many examples. I want to encounter a species requiring me to act as a diplomat to stop two races going into war. Lets see some oomph from some of the lifeless missions.

This game has the potential to set it apart from the rest as Star Trek employs mystery, suspense, fun and I've waited all my life to play a game like this. Sure my expectations where high. But this is just Star with no Trek. I'm certain there are plenty other mission suggestions the combat is a little easy or no too easy and doesn't have any organization it seems.

Lets make the mystery into the missions and lets make some fun missions. Some are fun yes but its missing the Trek in Star Trek is all Im saying. This is my opinion. But, some quality quests with some Trek in it is going to go a long way.

Here's a few:

1) A re-enactment of the genesis device and full blow story line and missions that grows off the second movie. What ever happened to it? The blueprints? Sure it was unstable. But what about a mission where the plans, old ones, fall into Klingon hands and you have to get them and build the device. But this time it works and creates a real planet that becomes controversial to expand future missions.
There a endless possiblities here.
2) Starflleet Command and San Francisco and missions of diplomacy on earth.
First put San Fran in and launch diplomacy from that point to start off with.
3) A mission of peace to the probe that almost destroyed the earth because the loss of signal with the whales.

There are tons of possiblities I'm just trying to find the Star Trek here.
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
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# 2
05-21-2010, 06:36 PM
So what you are asking for is a Diplomacy System like this and some puzzles like these -- but what you really want are Missions that make you think, right?
I think there are a few good quality episodic missions written, but the actually thinking required even in those is little to none. The scenarios and writing ,nice. The challenge and mystery, zero. The problem is, I'm not sure how you'd really accomplish the later in any meaningful way in any MMO, not just STO.

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