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# 1 suggestion for loading screens
05-22-2010, 04:10 AM
It would help the game atmosphere is the loading screens for entering a sector were related to the sector you were entering. The way it is right now feels funky, like a greatest hists collection of in game screenshots. A good solution would be screen shots of the particular enemy that is encountered the most in the sector you are entering, maybe with some iconic empire graphics like the Romulan government logo or the Klingon tri-tiped symbol. One loading screen for one sector, maybe a handful of rotating screens for away missions, One for each major base. let me see....

12 sectors
7 major hubs
1-5 for away missions
1(for all) or 14(each their own) for entering exploration sectors

for a total of 21 to 38 loading screens to glue the fractured alpha/beta quadrant into a more coherent whole. It wont fix sector space, but it will make it feel like a smoother transition.

Any other ideas (besides a revamp of Sector space, which I acknowledge is not a short term priority or small undertaking)?

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