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05-23-2010, 03:50 AM
Originally Posted by IGODMICHAEL
Did you not watch the movie? Everything was actually explained in the movie... The only reason you didn't hear about your "black hole" byproduct issue is because it didn't matter in the movie... But seriously, did you see the movie?
So, "it didn't come up again" is your answer to my questioning it?

Originally Posted by MustrumRidcully View Post
Why should it? The supernova was far away. Normally it would have taken years or decades for the supernova blast to reach Romulus. A black hole a few light years away is just like a big star that doesn't glow in the night. Not really harmful. Something manipulated the nova so it could basically "warp" its shockwave. Which only makes sense in the world of Startrek science fiction, of course. But we don't see Warp as a plot hole.

He saved an entire world populated with billions of people through his decisions.
- He connected the dots between Uhuras communication reports, his fathers death and the description of the scenario around Vulcan.
- He then managed to convince his superiors to be more careful on the approach, which made them avoid a disaster.
- He attempted to rescue Vulcan in a dangerous mission. He failed, but he made no wrong decisions at that point.
- He took command of the Enterprise and made the right decision to follow the alien ship to Earth and avert Earth's destruction. Showing better decision-making skills than a well-respected officer of higher rank.
- He did so by working with his crew men and get the best performance out of them.
- He saved his commanding officer.
- He destroyed a ship of superior firepower and defenses.

He proved that he was a capable Captain. He proved that he could think on his feet and make the right decisions. He showed that he can command people, keeping his cool even under high pressure. Without his decisions, the entire "mission" would have failed several times at at least two key points (Approac to Vulcan, following the Nerada to Earth). What should they do? Promote him to Lieutenant and work at an OPS console for a few years, where he can't really use his command skills, and might be capable of better decisions than his superiors?
If the supernova was far out enough that the black hole would not have affect Romulus, why did the Romulan population get wiped out? Wouldn't they have had enough time to evacuate the planet?

Also, alot of that happened after Pike appointed him as XO for the Enterprise. If some third year naval cadet could out think and out command seasoned officers, then they shouldn't have been in charge anyways. Same thing when Pike tossed out the comm guy and put Uhura in his place. With Uhura manning the comm, a cadet as XO, another cadet heading up medical and a barely wet behind the ear guy driving the ship, it's a wonder the Enterprise didn't just run into a asteroid or bounce too close to a star.

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