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05-23-2010, 04:00 AM
Originally Posted by thamupp View Post
There's nothing wrong with complaining and criticizing the game. But I do have a problem with people quiting without giving the game a fare chance. Sure this guy did, but I'm just really tired of these "I quit" threads.

And as someone said before, it's against the rules to post "i quit" threads. And honestly, I don't care if someone quits this game. It's there decision, they don't have to tell everyone.

And I don't see how calling someone 'noob' will help...
If someone feels that bad that he has to post here that he is quiting and why then that should tell you something about the state of STO at the moment after you reach cap. He is not the first one and he will not be the last.

They close threads like this one cuz its an useless discussion without end and off course it simply suits them just fine.

You can quit no problem. Since your account will stay active you can return anytime to see if anything has changed enough for you to decide to continue where you left of. Your progress will not be lost but you probably know that.

Also maybe this will give you some hope

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