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05-23-2010, 11:47 AM
Expectations, Hopes and the Truth

At the very beginning i was amazed when i heard someone is making a Star Trek MMO. Then i heard Perpetual Entertainment quit. New hopes arose when i heard Cryptic (unknown to me at that time) took over.
I was very excited from day one and even during the whole beta time.
Now after a couple of month i think the whole "game" went the wrong direction.
As weird as it sounds but i think STAR TREK is the wrong universe for a MMO. It is great for single player games like Elite Forces and Bridge Commander.
Let's be honest ladies and gents, having thousands of admirals running around in their own costumes using their own weapons of choice isn't Star Trek at all, but it's a MUST in a MMO. PvP for no reason (no territorial control that affects the whole server) is not Star Trek, but it's a MUST in a MMO.
Doing what you want to do and when to do is not Star Trek, but this kind of freedom is necessary in a MMO.
Playing in 3rd person view, buffing/debuffing and such is not Star Trek but again a MUST in a MMO.

Ok, so now what?

I think it's too late and not even intended to make dramatic changes. I do realize that advancing in time is very difficult in a MMO without losing content for newcomers. Will the B'Tran Cluster ever be free of Borg?
Will the neutral zone always exist as it is? Will combat ever change from a 3rd person shooter game to a more simulator style combat game?

Whenever something new is coming out that looks or actually is Trekkie stuff, Cryptic puts it on C-Store.
Emotes, c'mon EMOTES for Cryptic points? Original uniforms as pre-order or C-Store items?
So in order to get stuff that is Star Trek you are going to milk me?

The way it could have been done:

Don't rush a product. Take your time. If can't afford it, don't do it. Always have your player base in mind, those that actually know Star Trek still, usually folks that re 40+, the younger folks come, look and leave.
There are some exceptions, though but only the true fans grant you veni, vidi, vici.
Did i hear that right? When you (Cryptic) want to add something original you have to license it? What kind of franchise did you sign? No wonder you sell it for Cryptic points when you have to pay for it each time.
So i guess getting original TOS/TNG phasers and whatnot for "free" is utopistic.

Max rank should be captain, not matter what. We should have started at the Starfleet academy, learning the basics of everything. What is a galaxy, what is a star system, what is a star, what are planets. We have so many Admirals flying around who have no clue what all this is about and i guess they don't even care.
What threat means a Bird of Prey to a Sovereign class starship? Lore wise little, but in STO PvP/PvE they dominate most of the time.
Charting the B'Tran cluster? Did i go where no man has gone before? Interesting, but why is there a derelict Fed vessel already? Why is there anything we know already? Why does a beam down mission into a BoP lead to the same bulk freighter interior? I know server space is limited, so unlimited explorations with actually charting new systems is just a dream if they shall become available for revisiting to everyone later. (scanning for resources, aiding planets, making new friends and so on)

I am missing bridge combat and commandeering big time. I wanna see the world from my bridge, I wanna issue orders like standard orbit, shields up, red/yellow alert and hail contact from my bridge. Bridge officer voice response would be awesome as well.

By the end of this year i have to make a decision, guess many have to, whether to stay with STO or change to SWTOR. I can't play 3 MMOs so one has to go, either SWG or STO.
SWG is getting old now but it's still entertaining and STO gone the wrong way, it's a gonna be a difficult decision. It's in your hands Cryptic. You are already reacting to player/customer input. Does that mean you have no concept? Hope i am wrong. Stop doing patchwork, you are the directors. Opinion are like *******s, everybody has one, same for me. Make sure you have a good concept for the future, test your stuff thoroughly, don't give in to whiners (nerf this nerf that) too often.

I will stick with you for a while and hope to see some improvements in the near future.

p.s. Your quest writers and graphics artists have done a good job. The guy who is responsible for the entire concept better hides, jkg.
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05-23-2010, 11:54 AM
So many words, so little content. Oh, the irony.

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