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# 1 Veteran Rewards Options
05-23-2010, 03:49 PM
As much as I am glad for the gifts Cryptic will be handing out. Somehow they feel a little flat in how they contribute to the overall game experience and my own experience in other MMOs in the same regards.

My reasons:
  • I'm already commander and I'm already past 100 day mark. This completely voids the need for the XP bonus to LtC5. Now if it affected me permanently at all levels... That's entirely different.
  • If memory serves I already have something like three or four character slots, of those I only plan on using 3. one Fed, one Klingon Faction and maybe if they come out One Borg Faction. So the extra character slot from vet rewards is pointless for me.
  • Even at 400 days I already have access to the Captain table already.
  • Options are always nice
For those familiar to Ultima Online this may look a little familiar with my suggestions but other suggestions from others would be welcome.

My first suggestion is that with each veteran reward interval the player say choose one of these rewards along with what they would already get after X days.

100 Day Reward Options
  • Ship Material's Package - Gives the veteran the ability to select from other hull colors, from Bird of Prey Dull Green, to Snow White to Ebon Black. Nothing bright or flashy, stick to pale metallic colors. We don't new Donald Trump's Golden Galaxy Class Ship flying around or the Dog's Pimping Purple Denube Class Runabout.
  • Trained Assault Animal - A ground only BO which will beam down on your away missions as an extra officer with the rest of your standard team. Think Klingon NPC War Targs.
  • Deed for Bank or Inventory Expansion- The Veteran may choose their inventory or their bank and expand it by a certain amount of slots.
  • XP Bonus- Allows the player to gain a single +5% bonus of their accumulated XP added back into to their pool.

200 Day Reward Options
  • Rarity Item Upgrade- For the veteran they can use this reward should they choose it from their options to select a single item and upgrade it to purple level as well as what attributes are upgraded.
  • Medium Inventory and Bank Upgrade- Selecting this will grant the veteran the boon of a large upgrade to both their inventory and their bank's vaults size allowing them to hold more.
  • Small Crew Compliment Upgrade- This particular upgrade will grants the veteran a 10% additional crew compliment buff.
  • Skill Cap Expansion Expands their skill cap enough to accommodate another 9 levels of a single admiral skill.

300 Day Reward Options
  • Veteran's Tactical/Engineering/Science Consoles- The veteran has been around for nearly a year and these consoles grant them the boon of a decent bonus to energy outputs or their stationed officer's skills.
  • Free C-Store Token - Allows the Veteran to choose one item from the C-Store for free
  • Tricobalt Tribble Grenade and Ancient Tribble Package- Especially useful for weakening or finishing off a large horde of baddies. With a decent knock-back, radiation/fire debuff, it finishes off with being an exploit attack. Comes in the form of a tribble personal device.
    The second Tribble is the Ancient Tribble, it will provide a very random buff to the player for either ground or space use. counts as both a Ship and Person Device. My other suggestion is that Ancient Tribble would be effective buff for the upcoming diplomacy system.
  • Free Custume Slot: Duty or Off-duty- With this reward the player unlocks an extra duty or off-duty costume slot. May go well with any new clothes.
  • BO Rarity Upgrade- Allows a player to upgrade one of their BO's traits or skills as well as the BO's overall rarity to purple level. And if they wish, change their race.

400 Day Reward Options
  • Red Matter Reactor- A higher more functional version of the red matter capacitor which also grants a small short term buff after each use.
  • Luck Bonus- A permanent bonus to a person's ability to on a chance gain loot.
  • Character Promotion Equalizer- Grants the ability to raise a single character up to the same exact level as one you already have XP wise.
  • Weekly Single Skill Respec- This particular reward allows a person to clear out a single skill once a week and gain back its points to use however they wish.

500/600/700+... Day Reward Options
  • ???- ????

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