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Hi Cryptic Development Team...

There are some things I think that would make the game even more realistic as it is at the moment...just some ideas

If you are going to add the Gamma Quadrant to the would be great if you could access the dominion side via the DS9 wormhole. Perhapy you can add a fleetaction or exploration in the dominion home space as long as no gamma quadrant is "build".

It would be great if you could beam down on earth visiting starfleet academy or even better...some major cities to chose from before beaming down
Perhaps it would be a nice idea having the whole sol system available....with all planets to fly around "in the neighbourhood" entering perhaps the option...enter sol and enter starbase 01....

Having the Baku Planet in Briar Patch would be great

It would also be great visiting Bajor with some beautiful maps and countrysinde (not only the fire caves)...

If you add the "real" Delta Quadrant to the would be great accessing it via the badlands via some kind of "care-taker" as in Voyager..Am sure a background story is easily invented why there is another "Caretaker array"

Was not sure if it is the right thing posting my ideas here...was looking for a "Feedback function" in the game...but there was I hope the right one will receive the ideas.
Would be glad it the one and other would give me some feedback to my ideas

Thanks and see you in space )
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
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05-24-2010, 09:36 AM
Never fear, the Delta Quadrant will be in the game, eventually. Realize, though, not all of the alpha is in yet. We also are missing most of the Beta, and the Gama is not even in yet. There is a lot of ground to cover before we get the Delta in.

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