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# 1 Beth Hawkwood, Episode 2
05-25-2010, 12:02 AM
So here is the thing.

Registered for but like with firearms, they have a waiting period. But Episode 2 is done and I think 1 or 2 of you might be interesting in catching it. So here it is for now. Once the waiting period on FactFiction is over I will be reposting it there. Meanwhile enjoy.

And for you convenience, here are Episode 0 and Episode 1.

As a brief commentary on this episode, you will recognize the plot from STO. This is how I think that mission SHOULD have gone in a proper Trek episode. There is also a lot more character developement in this episode. After all, one of the best parts of Star Trek is the cast.

Episode 2: Imposter!

Etrum moved the robot-like figure forward. “Alright, there we go,” the yellow shirted Bolian said. “On with the shooting phase.” He took a bite of his BLT.
Will tossed Etrum the dice. “There you go. Orks need lots of dice. More dakka.”
“Dakka. A term the Orks use to refer to automatic weapons fire,” Narshu said, reading off the rules data slate.
“It simply seems odd that they would be using such archaic weapons,” Delvok noted, “I am correct in assuming they are using kinetic slug throwers.”
“Got that right. They’re Orks. They don’t need fancy energy weapons. Firing their weapons keeps them entertained until they reach melee range anyway,” Will said.
“Yeah, they are like one big party that never ends,” Etrum said. He took another bite of his sandwich and wiped some mayo off the side of his face.
“I think they’re cute in a strange way,” Narshu said as she grabbed the figure Delvok had been looking at.
“Such a strange concept,” Delvok said, “How could such a culture, if you want to call it that, even exist?”
“What that’s part of why Captain Hawkwood plays this. She says it makes you think about cultures besides the Federation or the Klingons or anyone else. Makes you imagine what kind of tactics and strategy they would have. Different motivations and all that,” Will said.
“Really? The Captain plays this too?” asked Delvok.
“Plays? She is the one that got me interested. She has a nice sized Imperial Guard force in her cabin,” Will said.
“Imperial Guard?” asked Delvok.
“Yeah. They’re the rank and file soldiers of the Galactic Imperium,” Will said.
“Looking them up,” Narshu said, “Oh, here they are. Hmm, they rely on quantity of numbers to carry the day and casualties don’t really matter to them.”
Delvok looked at Will, “And the Captain plays them?”
“Yeah,” Will says.
“Group that doesn’t care about casualties. I feel sorry for any sods that were serve under one of their commanders…oh,” Etrum said.
Rei walked in and saw the four officers clustered around the holomap with the figures on it and talking about something. She silently approached the table. “What is this?” she asked in her usual emotionless voice.
“Oh, Lieutenant Commander Ayanami,” Narshu said, “I didn’t hear you enter.”
“Pay it no mind, Ensign Narshu,” Rei said, “I was simply…curious as to what was going on.”
“Oh this?,” Etrum said, “Lieutenant Commander Thomas showed me this game back on Earth while the Kagutsuchi was be being refit. It’s called Warhammer 40k.”
“Yeah. According to this page here, it’s about thirty-eight thousand years in the future and the galaxy is at constant war. The Emperor rules over the Imperium, which consists of the ‘good’ races of the galaxies, who are fighting all these other factions which also fight each other,” Narshu explained.
“According to Lieutenant Commander Thomas, Captain Hawkwood plays this as well,” Delvok said.
“Perhaps this is where the strange things she says come from?” Rei said, looking at one of Will’s Space Marines. It wasn’t wearing a helmet and looked like an Andorian with a very angry expression.
“Yeah, quite a few come from it,” Will said, “Others come from that strange movie and holo-novel collection she has. It’s viewable on the holodecks’ play lists.”
“Perhaps I will examine these sources. They seem to effect her leadership style,” Rei said.
“And they’re fun. Alright, my boyz are opening fire on your Tactical Squad there,” Etrum said, taking another bite of the BLT.

“Captain’s log. We are approaching Earth Starbase after the skirmish with the Orion pirates. The twelve crew from the ship we rescued will will dropped off at Earth. Most have taken to spending time in the temporary quarters we provided, but two have taken me up on my offer of a tour of the ship,” Beth says.

“And this is the bridge,” Beth said.
Following her was a young human man and an also young Trill girl. “So this is the bridge of the Kagutsuchi,” the young man said.
“What do you think of it Matt?” the Trill asked.
“I love it,” Matt said.
“Quite impressive, isn’t it,” Beth said, “T’Bumo here is overseeing the ship, Nigel is currently helming while Etrum is off duty, and Ulmek is at her communications post.”
Rythor boarded the bridge carrying a cup, “Sorry. Had to use the lavatory.” He took his seat.
“Rythor, put up the view screen,” Beth ordered.
“Yes, Captain,” he said. The screen came on. The Kagutsuchi was orbiting Earth, awaiting clearance to dock. The blue and green planet filled the screen along with dozens of ships and orbital facilities.
“Beautiful,” the girl said, “I’ve seen planets from orbit before. But not like this.”
“Yes Kera. This bridge, everything is just so…great,” Matt said.
“Glad you like it,” Beth said, “We’ll be docking soon. Starfleet will help you gte back to your home planets if you want.”
“No thanks,” Matt said, “I want to join Starfleet.”
“Good,” Beth said, “We need able people like you.”
“I would like to join too. I like seeing the galaxy, but I have had it with tramp freighters,” the girl said.
“Good. Well, when we get to Starbase, I’m sure you two can do just that,” Beth said.
When the two had left, T’Bumo turned to Beth, “You are quite the recruiter, Captain.”
“I just thought back to what made me want to join Starfleet. My class in primary school was taking a tour of the USS Volgograd and the captain showed my class the bridge as she was orbiting New Essex, our home planet. It was so awe inspiring. So beautiful. That made up my mind,” Beth said, “From then on I knew what I wanted to do.”
“Romulan pirates plagued my planet for years. They weren’t really pirates. They were really working for the Empire. Telair formed a small defense force, but it wasn‘t enough. I thought if I joined Starfleet I could attract more attention to the troubles on Telair,” T’Bumo said.
“And. Has it proved worthwhile for you?” Beth asked.
“It has. According to the communiqués I receive from Telair, the raids have died down dramatically since some new Starfleet vessels have been posted in the area,” T’Bumo said, “But with the battle of Vega and the war with Klingons, those ships are being withdrawn.”
“T’Bumo, the Federation won’t leave your people in the cold. More ships are being built and we are getting more recruits for Starfleet from across the Federation,” Beth said, “In a month or so, I expect more ships to be deployed to Telair.”
“I hope so,” T’Bumo said.
“Captain, we have an incoming message from Starfleet,” Ulmek said.
“Right. On screen,” Beth said.
It was Admiral Quinn, “I have just seen your report on the action. I applaud your initiative on the rescue.”
“Just doing our duty, Admiral,” Beth said.
“And we will rework the repair diagrams for the pulse generators,” Quinn said, “That being said, we have an important task for you. Something easy to give the Kagutsuchi a real good long range rundown.”
“What do we have, sir?” asked Beth.
“A Vulcan Ambassador Sothek is needing to return to the monastery on P’Jem. We want you to transport him there,” Quinn said, “It will be an excellent test of the Kagutsuchi’s long range capabilities.”
“Agreed. When will the Ambassador be arriving?” asked Beth.
“His shuttle will be launching within the hour, Captain Hawkwood,” Quinn said, “In the meantime, you can beam down the survivors from the Holly Reynolds.”
“Will do. We have two new recruits for Starfleet from among them,“ Beth said.
“Very well. How are your instructional facilities on the Kagutsuchi,” Quinn asked.
“We can handle a couple Recruits,” Beth said.
“Good. You can train them there if they are willing,” Quinn said, “Our training facilities on Earth are rather full after a sudden upsurge in volunteers after the Battle of Vega.”
“Very good sir, Hawkwood out,” Beth said.
The screen darkened. “T’Bumo, find our new recruits and get them setup with placement testing. Didn’t Kera say she was a registered nurse. Go ahead and assign her to Medical.”
“Yes, sir,” T’Bumo said.
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“Alright, your name is Matthew…how do you say that?” the Bajoran Petty Officer Revei said.
“Kosocowlowski,” Matt said, “But please call me Matt.”
“That is much easier to say,” Revei said.
“I’ll say,” said the hulking Russian security Petty Officer Yuri Zarkhov as he was eating some kind of noodle dish out of a cup with a pair of chopsticks. Despite his size, Yuri’s fingers were actually rather dexterous from a lifetime of drawing and chasing ladies as he claimed, “And I am Russian. We have the greatest names that nobody can pronounce.”
“Well, welcome to Engineering, kid,” Revei said.
“Thank you,” Matt said.
“Rule number one is the newbie gets drinks,” Azrio said.
“Good rule,” Yuri said, “I’ll take a hot chocolate.”

Air was pumped back into the shuttle deck. Beth, Nephenee, and a small honor guard were waiting. The shuttle hatch opened. “Welcome aboard Ambassador Sothek,” Beth said.
“Thank you, Captain. I trust my quarters are prepared. I have had a tiring day and need to rest for a bit,” Sothek said.
“Of course they are, Lieutenant Nephenee will see you to your quarters. I expect the trip to P’Jem will take forty nine standard hours,” Beth announced, “If you will excuse me, I will be heading up to the bridge to get us off. Unless you would like to join us.”
“No that will not be necessary Captain. However I would most enjoy a tour once I have rested a bit,” Sothek answered.
“Thank you very much. Enjoy your rest,” Beth said.

The bridge was ready. When Beth arrived Etrum was busy slurping a milkshake, Rythor was off duty and Ensign Delvok was in his seat. Rei was at her post, as were Narshu and Grant. T’Bumo was off duty and Nephenee was of course escorting the Ambassador to his room.
“Set a course for P’Jem,” Beth ordered.
“Setting a course for P’Jem,” Etrum said, punching some buttons on his console.
“There is a Vulcan monstery on P’Jem, Captain. May I ask the purpose of our mission,” Delvok asked.
“Certainly. We are transporting the Vulcan Ambassador Sothek to P’Jem. With the state of war between the Federation and Klingons, Starfleet wanted a person of his importance to the Vulcan religious community to be well protected,” Beth explained. She had browsed a data file on Ambassador Sothek before departure.
Sothek was a notable religious figure to the Vulcans, and important as while he advocated a path of pacifism, he also advocated the good works and humanitarian aspects of Starfleet and many Vulcans had joined Starfleet partially as a result of his teachings. Delvok among them.
“Thank you, Captain. I’m sure Ambassador Sothek will not mind if take a moment of his time to convey my gratitude for his inspiration, both to myself and all Vulcans,” Delvok said.
“I’m sure he won’t,” Beth said.

Beth was leaving the bridge to tour her ship as she often did when there was little to do as the ship traversed the Galaxy. Not completely unlike traversing the Warp, except there were not armies of daemons tearing at your hull, trying to get in a devour the bodies, minds, and souls of the crew contained within.
“Captain, if I may have a moment of your time,” asked Rei.
“Of course,” Beth said.
“I have been trying to better understand your leadership style, and Lieutenant Commander Thomas informed me of a game you play called Warhammer 40k and of another passion you have of animated holo-serials,” Rei said.
“Yes,” Beth said, “And you are thinking they influence my leadership,” Beth asked.
“Yes,” Rei said, “I have read several documents regarding the game and have noticed several words that occur frequently in the game’s lore and your conversations and orders.”
“Fair enough,” Beth said, “And I assume you are interested in the game.”
“I am somewhat, but mostly from a perspective of understanding you better so that the crew will function as a more cohesive unit.”
“Rei. But people are very complex. Just reading up and experiencing a couple of my hobbies, will give you some insight into me, but you won’t really get to know me,” Beth explained.
“I see,” Rei said, “But I really do wish to get to get to know other people better. However I really don’t know how to properly do that.”
“You could try just talking to them,” Beth said.
“About what?” Rei said.
“About anything. That game can give you some common interests and form an avenue to open a conversation with someone. After that however, who knows where it will go,” Beth said.
“Very well,” Rei said, “Thank you, Captain.”
“And Rei, feel free to talk to me any time,” Beth said, “And of you are interested in the board game, I know Will and Etrum will like to talk with you as well. You could learn a lot form those two.”
“They are very gregarious,” Rei said.
“Quite. And you are…well quieter,” Beth said, “But if you are interested in those animated serials as you called them, come to my quarters one night and I will introduce you to one with a character much like you.”
“Once again, thank you Captain,” Rei said.
Beth walked to the lift. Rei was human, technically. She had been a genetically engineered clone of someone. Who exactly was unknown and had been narrowed to twelve possible people. The illegal research lab that had created her had been shut down when she was sixteen. She had been engineered to have a much greater intelligence and learning ability then normal humans, but for whatever reason this also seriously impaired her social interaction skills.
Rei was the only ‘subject’ to have survived after the raid. Most had died within a few days after the raid for various complications. Rei, while somewhat fragile, had been strong enough to survive. Starfleet had been unsure of what to do with her. She was the product of illegal research, however she was also a sentient being. Starfleet eventually decided to move her to foster care after she had testified against the people who had created her and ran the lab. One of the officers that had rescued her had named her Rei Ayanami because of her resemblance to a popular holo-novel character that Beth was quite familiar with.
However, like her namesake, Rei didn’t fit into normal Federation life. Intelligent, yet extremely reserved to put it mildly, Rei excelled in school yet suffered otherwise. After she graduated, Rei found she didn’t fit into life in the Federation. She joined Starfleet to find herself and to help people who may find themselves in situations she herself was in.
Beth walked to engineering. Will was busily working on a console near the warp core. “How is the new core working?” she asked.
“Quite well I think. Haven’t had so much as a murmur of discontent from the systems since it was installed,” Will said.
“Rei may be speaking with you soon about the game,” Beth said.
“She seemed interested a few hours ago,” Will said, “Etrum is really enjoying his Orks.”
“Thought he would,” Beth said, “How is the new guy working out?”
“Oh the recruit…Matthew the Unpronounceable,” Will said jokingly, “Wouldn’t know. Revei, Azrio, and Yuri have been keeping him. Training him properly, they say.”
Beth laughed. “Those three? Are you sure they’re not just teaching him to get their drinks?”
“No,” Will said, “But everyone has to start somewhere. And some of these recruits we get, if they could get my drink right it would be a marked improvement over what they do normally.”
“No complaints there. Complaining about youngsters makes me feel old,” Beth said, “Let’s talk about something else.”
“The Vulcan Ambassador we are providing taxi service to?”
“At least he is a dignitary of some sort. Delvok is excited at least,” Beth said.
“As soon as Neph left him in his quarters he snuck out and came down here,” Will said, “Was looking at the warp core very curiously.”
“Really? Maybe he was just curious,” Beth said.
“Wasn’t asking anyone about it,” Will said, “Just watching. Tried to use one of the consoles, but Yuri politely interrupted him.”
“Interesting…” Beth said, “I’ll keep an eye on him on the obligatory tour.”

“And this is our bridge,” Beth said to Sothek, “With the recent refits, Kagutsuchi has lost her multivectored attack formation, but has improved shield resiliency and armor.”
Sothek nodded. “Indeed.” He was looking around very curiously.
Delvok approached Ambassador Sothek, “Ambassador Sothek, my name is Delvok. I wish to convey my gratitude for your inspiration of increased Vulcan participation in Starfleet. It is what inspired me to join Starfleet.”
“You are welcome,” Sothek said as he moved on, seeming to study the bridge in as close of detail as possible.
Delvok nodded courteously and returned to his station. Something seems off, Beth thought.

Nephenee was in the armory inspecting the weapons. “Nephenee, do you have moment?” Beth asked as she entered.
“Of course Captain,” Nephenee said, “Is it something about the armory?”
“No, it’s about the Ambassador,” Beth said, “How much experience do you have with Vulcans?”
“Not much,” Nephenee said, “I went to the Academy and there were a few in my classes, but none that I knew very well. And since then, I haven’t gotten to know any. Midshipman Telvis is the first Vulcan I have met in security in fact.”
“When you escorted the Ambassador to his room, did you notice him looking around any at all?” Beth asked.
“Oh yes. He seemed quite interested in virtually system or console we passed, but wouldn’t say anything about them,” Nephenee said, “When I asked if something was troubling him, the Ambassador just ignored me and started walking again.”
“I see,” Beth said, “Was he looking for anything specific on the consoles?”
“I don’t know, sir,” Nephenee said.
“I want you to retrace the route you led him down and check the logs on any console he accessed,” Beth said, “When that is done, I want you to check what the Ambassador may be looking at otherwise in his cabin. Or around the ship.”
“You sound worried, sir,” Nephenee said.
“I am,” Beth said.
“But Sothek is a Federation Ambassador. What sort of mischief could he be involved in?” Nephenee asked.
“That is what I am worried about,” Beth said.
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“It’s not what I expected the Ambassador to be like at all,” Delvok said.
“The Ambassador is a busy Vulcan,” Doctor Selvok said, “Stress. Overwork. It could be the reason he is going to P’Jem. The monastery there is a renowned center of peace of contemplation. He may simply need some time to meditate and calm himself.”
“It was more then that,” Delvok said, “Ambassador Sethok seemed almost…human and emotional.”
Selvok looked at Delvok. Selvok himself was also somewhat inspired by now Ambassador Sothek, but had joined Starfleet long before he had learned of Sethok‘s movement. He had met a younger Sothek ten years ago when Selvok was still in school. His father went on a wilderness retreat along with Sothek and had taken young Selvok along with. Even then Sothek had been speaking about the importance of helping others across not just Vulcan, but the entire Galaxy. One day, Sothek said, peace would come across the Galaxy. That peace would come not from the end of a phaser, but from spreading the ideals of peace, freedom, and cooperation found in the Federation across the Galaxy.
He had been preaching to the choir, to use the human phrase. Selvok’s father was a doctor and former Starfleet himself. Selvok had already decided he wanted to join Starfleet; it was where he felt he could do the most right. Even if it was around emotional and sometimes irrational other species. As a result, the Vulcan monk had not made much of an impression on Selvok.
But Selvok had remembered a few things about the monk. Throughout the whole retreat, Sothek had stressed the need to retain objectivity and logic even in the face of irrationality sometimes displayed by the Vulcan’s fellow Federation citizens. And that Sothek had also always been perfectly courteous and kind. Delvok’s description of events just didn’t match the Sothek that Selvok had met ten years ago. Ten years was a long time to most races. Vulcans are longer lived then humans however. And Vulcans don’t change much. Or easily.
“That is not the Sethok I have heard of,” Selvok said, “I will speak with him myself. I met him once before he became famous. He knew my father Sirik quite well for a time. If he does not remember me, he will surely remember my father.”
“Do you suspect an imposter, Selvok?” Delvok asked.
“No. But I would like to meet the Ambassador during his stay with us,” Selvok said.

“Ambassador Sethok,” Ensign Narshu said, “What a surprise. I didn’t know you had an interest in Astrometrics.” Narshu was checking some sensor scans of the area. She was looking for possible Klingon infiltrations, standard procedure in a time of war like this. Didn’t want a cloaked Bird of Prey sneaking up on the Kagursuchi.
“Oh, I am sorry,” Sethok said.
“Don’t be,” Narshu said, “Just looking for possible Klingon ambushes. Astrometrics is an excellent place to do that from. I have access to powerful sensors and data.”
“Quite,” Sothek said approaching the Ensign, “Have you detected any?”
“I have some interesting blips here. Might be something. Probably nothing,” Narshu said, “I am running some more checks to confirm though.”
“Please let me know if you detect any Klingons. I am quite worried about them interrupting my planned mission,” Sothek said.
“Will do,” Narshu said.

“Ambassador Sethok,” Selvok said, “May I have a moment of your time.”
“Only a moment. I am needing to return to my cabin for some rest and meditation,” Sethok said.
“My name is Selvok, son of Sirik. I simply wish to congratulate on your Ambassadorship. It has been quite a while since I met you on that religious retreat.”
“Oh, why thank you, Selvok,” Sethok said, “Now if you will excuse me.”
Selvok watched him go. A brooding expression crept across his face.

“Lieutenant Commander Thomas,” Rei said, entering the engineering section, “May I speak with you.”
“Sure, Lieutenant Commander Ayanami,” Will said, “And please, call be Will. Everyone else does.”
As if to emphasize his point, Azrio stepped up to him and said, “Hey, Will, what hat should we make the Newbie wear next? Propeller beanie or cheese hat?”
“Azrio, we’re engineers here. Stop joking around. The propeller beanie is the obvious choice,” he said.
“May I ask what you doing?” Rei asked.
“Finding a hat for Matt,” Will said.
“And why would Matt need a hat?” Rei asked.
“That’s it. He doesn’t. But we are making him wear one anyway,” Will said, “Works out better for everyone that way.”
“Howso?” Rei asked.
“Not quite sure. But it helps with morale,” Will said.
“Well I have a similar question for you,” Rei said.
“She wants a hat too?” Azrio asked.
“Get out of here Azrio. And I want Matt in the beanie next time I see him,” Will ordered, “Are you wanting a hat?”
“No. I am wanting your assistance with learning to play in the Warhammer game you, Etrum, and the Captain enjoy,” Rei said, “I heard that getting to know someone is easier when you share a common interest.”
“That it is. I suggest reading up on a few factions first. Then picking whichever one you like the most,” Will said.
“Which one I like most?” Rei asked.
“Yeah. First of all it’s a game. First rule is to have fun with it,” Will said, “Have you ever done something that you do because you like doing it?”
“Yes. I was not required to take Quantum Chemistry, but I enjoyed the theories around it,” Rei said.
“Well that’s a start. I guess,” Will said, “So this is kinda like that. Read some, learn about each faction. Find one you are interested in and play around with it in the simulator. Each has their strengths and weaknesses and story.”
“What about tactical analysis?” Rei asked.
“That comes later. Don’t look a force based on that. That’s not relaxing. For most people anyway,” Will said, “Start with the concept of having fun. I like my Space Marines because they are loyal and fearless. Etrum likes his Orks because they are wild and fun loving.”
“And the Captain?” Rei asked.
“Don’t know,” Will said, “Ask her. But you get any questions, ask me or the Captain. Etrum is still learning and he might drop his sandwich on you.”

“Captain, I have the results of what Ambassador Sothek has been searching for,” Nephenee said, passing Beth a tablet.
“He has been looking into our weapons with some interest,” Beth said, “Particularly the effectiveness of our weapons in the skirmish against the Orions it seems.”
“Yes, Captain,” Nephenee said.
“Not the usual behavior you would expect from a supposed pacificst,” Beth observed, “I want you to keep him under observation for the remainder of the mission.”
“Yes, Captain,” Nephenee said.
Doctor Selvok entered the bridge. He was moving with great urgency and purpose. “Captain, I need to speak with you.”
“What is it, Doctor?” Beth asked.
“I have reason to suspect that Ambassador Sothek may not be himself. He did not recognize my father despite the two of being close friends,” Selvok said.
“In your medical opinion, what could have caused such a state?” Beth asked.
“Besides amnesia, I cannot readily diagnose a condition,” Selvok said.
“That is what I was afraid of,” Beth said, “I want you to scrumptiously arrange for Sethok to be scanned. I am suspecting a Klingon spy.”

The Kagutsuchi left warp above P’Jem. Her shields were already up and weapons powered up. As soon as the Kagutsuchi left warp, Rei said, “I am detecting seven, no nine decloaking Klingon Birds of Prey. Narshu was correct in her analysis.”
“Good work, Narshu,” Beth said.
“YEAH!” Narshu yelled, “High five Delvok!”
Delvok looked at Narshu with a confused expression.
“Fine,” Narshu said, sitting back down.
“Captain, a General Korpekt is hailing us,” Ulmek stated.
“Screen,” Beth said.
The screen illuminated with a Klingon captain. He looked angry. Klings almost always looked angry.
“Starfleet Captain, I am General Korpekt of the Klingon Defense Forces. I am here on a special mission to destroy the Undine you are hiding aboard your ship. Surrender the foul creature or my ships will be forced to destroy yours,” the Klingon snapped.
“Well I am Captain Elizabeth Hawkwood of the United Federation of Planets. And you are violating our space,” Beth responded, “And what is an Undine?”
“The Federation refers to them as the Borg designation of Species 8472. Are you going to cooperate or will we settle this dispute in the traditional manner?” Korpekt said.
“Captain, the computer is predicting our eventual destruction if we engage, but estimates we will destroy or cripple between six to eight of the Klingon’s vessels in the process,” Rythor said.
So fighting was out…for now. Did the computer know about her advanced weapons however?
“General, we know nothing about any member of Species 8472 that have boarded this ship and our crew and passenger manifests do not list any,” Beth said.
“Captain, species 8472 is able to alter their appearance to pass for one of us. Their unusual biochemistry also renders them undetectable to many of our sensors,” Rei said.
“A shape changer. Most distressing. How about this offer General. Give us one hour to investigate your claim. If we do find a member of Species 8472, or an Undine as you called it, on board, it will be dealt with by me personally,” Beth said.
“A fair offer, Captain. We will be jamming your communications to ensure neither you nor the Undine you are harboring do not call for help. And should you run, we will destroy the Vulcan monastery on the planet below,” Korpekt stated. The screen darkened.
“T’Bumo, I want you to get to work on scanning every crewmember on board. Starting here on the bridge. Report any abnormalities to me immediately,” Beth said, “Meanwhile…I will be checking on our passenger. Nephenee, Rei, come with me.”

“Yes, Captain,” Rei said.
“Okay, we need a way to check if Ambassador Sothek is a member of Species 8472,” Beth said, “A way that is unobtrusive and covert. We don’t want Sothek to know that the Klingons are out there if he is a a diplomatic incident resulting from this.”
“Species 8472 has a very unique DNA structure. We could test for that,” Rei said, “Since it is just a simple test for that DNA structure, it would be a rather simple test so we could use just about any body fluid.”
“Good thinking,” Beth said, “So that will be the plan. But be surreptitious about it, I don’t want a raging alien on my ship.”
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Beth was en route to the Ambassador’s quarters. She saw the Ambassador out. Lurking towards engineering. “Ah, Ambassador,” Beth said, “I was just coming to inform you that we encountered a gas cloud that drifted into our path and so our trip has been lengthened somewhat.”
“Oh, uh, no trouble Captain. These things happen,” Sothek said.
“Meanwhile, won’t you come with me. I want to have a your opinion on an important matter,” Beth said.
“Of course,” Sothek said, “What seems to be the problem?”
“Oh this way,” Beth said.
As soon as Beth led the Ambassador from the quarters, Nephenee and three security officers bolted into the room and began coming the room for hair and skin samples.

Delvok was in the recreation room, reading up on a Warhammer 40k lore. Despite the illogic of the game, eternal combat, he was quite intrigued by the tactical analysis possibilities it presented. Much like chess.
“Ensign Delvok has an important question for you, Ambassador,” Beth said.
“I do?” Delvok asked.
“Yes. Very important. Religious in nature,” Beth said.
“Oh, about what Ensign?” Sothek asked.
“I don’t recall any question,” Delvok said.
“Sure you do. You were asking about if it was okay to…do that thing,” Beth said, “You and I were talking a lot about it.”
“Really? I don’t recall such a…” Delvok said.
“It seems he has resolved his question,” Sethok said.
“No he hasn‘t. It was about…killing. Yeah. About how Starfleet justified killing despite being a humanitarian organization,” Beth said.
“Well in that situation killing is justified as long as it is in the defense of the self or when innocents are threatened,” Sethok said.
“Oh yes, wonderful,” Beth said, “Please go one. Delvok had some clarifications he wanted made on that.”
“Like,” Sethok asked.
“Yes. What sort of clarifications did I need?” Delvok asked.
Meanwhile Rei came over behind the Ambassador with a pair of scissors.
“Like war,” Beth suggested.
“Such as the recent Klingon War?” Sethok asked.
“Yes! Perfect,” Beth said.
“Well it wasn’t a war the Federation wanted and was brought about by the Klingon’s own violent…why is this lady creeping up behind me with a pair of scissors?” Sethok said.
“I was going to cut…” Rei started.
“…cut short the time she was borrowing them. Rei borrowed my scissors to do…something,” Beth said.
“I did?” Rei said.
“Yes. And now she needs to go over here with me while you continue explaining war to Ensign Delvok here,” Beth said.
“First I need a refreshment,” Sethok said as Recruit Matt walked past with a tray of drinks. Sethok grabbed Azrio’s lemonade. He took a drink, draining the entire glass and returning it to Matthew’s tray. “It is so dry here,” Sethok said, “Anyway, the war was brought on by the Klingon’s own…”
“Oh no, now I have to go back to the mess hall and get that,” Matt said, “Meanwhile Yuri’s hot chocolate and Will’s tea will get cold.”
“Matt! How great to see you,” Beth said, “How are the engineers treating you?”
“Well alright I guess…” Matt said.
“Great to hear. I need that glass,” Beth said.
“But it’s empty,” Matt said.
“Yeah. But we need it,” Beth said, “Will this be sufficient, Rei?”
“It should do,” Rei said.
“Good. To the medical lab,” Beth said.

Selvok studied the sample, “Triple DNA structure. Very strange.”
“The Ambassador is definitely a member of Species 8472,” Rei said.
“Right. Primary mission is to capture it for study and interrogation,” Beth said.
“Agreed,” Rei said.
“Can we tranquilize it somehow?” Beth asked.
“Negative,” Rei said, “Species 8472’s blood automatically clears the blood of any infection, biological, chemical, or technological.”
“Stun it then?” Beth asked.
“It is quite large,” Rei said.
“So a big stun,” Beth said with a smile.

“Okay, so we are going to hunt down the Ambassador and shoot him?” Will asked as he hefted a Phaser Two. He was one of the closest officers to the Medical Lab, and Beth had only seventeen minutes until the Klingons attacked. Selvok and Kera were prepping Medical for the Undine.
“Stun him,” Beth said.
“Use the heavy stun, setting 3,” Rei said.
“Dialing phasers to setting three,” Beth said.
Yuri, Revei, Azrio, and Matt were there as well. “Ever shot a phaser before, Newbie?” Azrio asked.
“Uhhh, no,” Matt answered.
“Set it to three. Then push button,” Yuri said, “Easy.”
“And don’t forget to aim,” Revei added.
“Okay,” Matt said.
“Gentlemen, lady. Let’s hunt us some xeno,” Beth said.
“For the Emperor!” Will added.
“I will never understand this ship,” Matt said.
Revei put his hand on Matt’s shoulder. “Relax. Sooner you give up trying to make sense of the ship, happier you will be.”
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05-25-2010, 12:07 AM
First off, LOL at the waiting period reference. Second off, it wasn't half bad and third off Rei in STO... that has potential for hilarity.
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05-25-2010, 12:07 AM
“The Ambassador was last seen in the rec room,” Beth said, “Split up into pairs.”
“Matt, you with me,” Yuri said.
The rec room was empty, except for Delvok, still reading. “Delvok! Where did the Ambassador go?”
“He said he was heading back to his quarters,” Delvok said.
“Could be anywhere. Delvok, I have some bad news for you. Ambassador Sothek is a member of Species 8472. I don’t know where the real Ambassador is,” Beth said.
“That is a logical conclusion, Captain. I had suspected that the thing that you say is masquerading as Ambassador Sothek is indeed not Ambassador Sothek when he started discussing how to justify annihilating and entire species after deeming it to be impure,” Delvok said, “Do you have proof of your ascertations?”
“Selvok does in the Medical Lab. Meanwhile, we need to find the Ambassador. Here, stun him hard,“ Beth said giving Delvok a phaser.
The eight Starfleet crew moved through the ship.
A static ridden message, most likely a result of the Klingons’ jamming, came over from Revei, “Ambassador spotted heading for engineering.”

Beth and Delvok arrived. Will and Rei were at the door. Soon after Yuri and Matt arrived as well. “Situation?” Beth asked.
“Revei and Azrio went in. Azrio fired at him and missed. The Ambassador dropped his disguise after that,” Will explained.
“What happened to Revei and Azrio?” Beth asked.
“It bull rushed Azrio, knocking him over. Revei shot the thing with his phaser. It seemed to stagger a bit, but no was able to run off again,” Will said.
“So two shots maybe?” Beth asked.
“Perhaps. We have medical standing by if severe damage is sustained by the 8472,” Rei said.
“Right. So that’s the working plan. Two shots at the same time,” Beth said, “Yuri, Matt, stay here and guard this exit. We have sealed all the exits so if it flees it will have to go this way.”
The four moved in. Will moved over to Azrio and Revei and informed them of the plan. They began searching the engineering room.
“Crewman Ailes,” Will said, “Down, but still alive. I think he was knocked out by a head injury.”
Beth tapped her comm. “Selvok, can you read me?”
A static response of affirmative answered.
“Get down to engineering. We have a wounded man,” Beth said. We may have more before the day is out.
She saw some movement up ahead. “Delvok, cover me,” she said as she ran closer. She was moving indirectly, trying to herd it towards the other 2 teams.
The plan didn’t quite work. The 8472 saw her and charged. Beth barely dodged it. She took aim at the creature and fired. Her shot hit. Delvok gave it another shot. It went down.
Four minutes until the Klingons open fire.

Beth got to the bridge. She was sweating a bit from the mad run. “Ulmek, get General Korpekt on the screen.”
“Yes, Captain,” Ulmek said, “The General is coming on now.”
The General looked properly humorously menacing. “Well Captain, deciding to surrender?”
“No General, I am letting you know that I have personally subdued the 8472 infiltrator,” Beth said.
“Hm, quite the feat, being rather short for a Captain,” the General said, “And what of the disposition of the creature?”
“It is currently stunned and in our medical lab being analyzed. Hopefully we can glean some data from it to catch them in the future,” Beth said.
“Well, since the monster has been subdued, it appears you will not have to die today. Unless you wish it to be so. We are at war,” the General said.
“I would rather not die just yet,” Beth said, “I take it you are leaving?”
“I won’t destroy someone who recognizes the threat these…monsters are to the entire Galaxy. Perhaps your Federation can learn how to detect the infiltrators in your ranks these invaders have slipped in from this one. I will leave you and your prisoner in peace today,” General Korpekt said.
“And you as well. I will defer from signaling Starfleet Command of your presence until you get a good head start,” Beth said, “Just don’t do something to make me regret doing so.”
“You are a woman of honor. Fare well. I hope to meet you in battle someday as an equal adversary,” Korpeckt said. The screen darkened.
“You are letting them get away,” T’Bumo said.
“Yes. I had my suspicions of the Ambassador, but the General put a face on them. I doubt Sothek was the only 8472 infiltrator in the Federation. We need to get this prisoner back to Starbase for proper interrogation and analysis so we can find the other infiltrators,” Beth said.
“Prudent,” T’Bumo said.
“I thought so,” Beth said.

Selvok was already producing some interesting reports. The creature did release the name of it’s species as Undine. Beth had been looking over some of these reports as Kagutsuchi was speeding back to Earth.
The real Ambassador Sothek was found dead in his room on Earth. There was a memorial service planned on Earth and then his body would be returned to Vulcan. Delvok was…distraught and somewhat melancholic for a Vulcan. But Will and Etrum said he had decided upon a Tau force and had decided to name his Force Commander after Sothek.
Oh well. Time for some rest. Beth turned on an animated holonovel and laid back in her bunk.

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