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So we've all known and accepted for a while that media is starting to turn towards the internet for whatever joke or acronym of the month they can use for their own twisted whim, but I just caught an add for a child's toy based off a somewhat obscure internet joke that really may well be the most absolutely twisted thing I have ever seen.

The Joke: How to Make a Battle Hamster. Now this in on itself is funny, put in the hands of a younger child it's likely make for some hideous results... so what do the fine people that make the Zhu Zhu hamsters do?

They put it in the hands of kids.Now I'm not championing no "OH THINK OF THE CHILDREN! sentiment... however after the initial laugh wore off at the novelty of battle hamsters I realized that this may well be the singular most twisted toy I have ever seen in my entire life and I realize it's only so long before some deranged child(ren) decide to stick some kinda sorry rodents in there and see who'd win. I give it a week before PETA is all over this one and then I get to laugh all over again...

What you guys think, twisted or what?

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