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05-26-2010, 02:09 PM
Originally Posted by threeedgedsword View Post
Raso I too have been looking forward to (and pushing for) Caitians ever since I got into CB last year, however I have to admit I'm really beginning to wonder what's going on myself. How many times can they say someone "made a mistake" or "misquoted" something about them and push them off? You can only cry wolf so many times Cryptic and your at your limit with the Caitians.

I hurts me to have to say this but at this point if it isn't Paramount causing delays/redo's I'm left with no choice but to believe this is a red herring that their dangling in front of people in order to squeeze another month or two's worth of subscriptions out of some people. Shades of SOE all over again. I gotta say in retrospect I'm very sorry I bought the lifetime sub because it makes it somewhat difficult to vote with your wallet once they know they've got you and you can't leave. Live and learn I guess
I've been waiting to play a Caitian since it was first announced myself. Every time I see it pushed back I want to cry as I feel that Cryptic doesn't care. Look how they're handling the Klingons. To a lot of us, it seems that they don't care about an entire faction. It wouldn't take much to assume that they decided to drop Caitians altogether. I would love to be proven wrong on both accounts (promises of a July Klink update are just that...promises), but things are looking grim in the world of STO.

Just to add, I am not a furry and I am certain that most of the Caitian fans are not, either. The latest Engineering Report erupted in name calling, and I hate seeing people lump others into a single group.

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