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Hey gang!

As part of our ongoing testing of our new XMPP feature, we are now enabling Star Trek Online's Tribble users to make use of the feature! NOTE: You must be a Gold Member to be able to use this feature.

I've been using this for quite sometime now, and have been having a blast with it! Right now, this feature is only in beta, as such, it's possible that there could be frequent outages, or unplanned maintenance could be performed at any given time, so please bear with us, and pardon our dust, this feature is still in its BETA phase.

Below, you'll find the instructions for how to connect to our in-game chat server using Pidgin, which is the IM client we use here at Cryptic, however, this should also work using Trillian, or any other client which supports XMPP chat.

We will be keeping an eye on this thread to gather your feedback, and will be working with you to help ensure that the experience improves and is nice and stable for when we enable this functionality for all our users.

If you're not currently signed up for Tribble, and wish to check this feature out, you can sign up for Tribble here.

If you have any feedback, or questions about this feature, please leave it in this thread so that we can find it easily!



Pidgin Setup

1. Start your Pidgin client.
2. Click on Accounts > Manage Accounts.
3. Click the Add button.
4. On the Add Account dialog fill out the following:
1. Protocol: XMPP
2. Username: <Account Name> (The login name used for CO Live/Holodeck)
2a. If your Account Name is an email address, substitute the "@" for a "\40" (e.g. name\
3. Domain:
4. Resource: <Anything> (Equivalent to character name in game)
5. Password: <Your Account Password>
5. Check Remember Password (if desired).
6. Click Add.

Using Pidgin

Adding Friends

1. Click on Buddies>Add Buddy
2. Select your XMPP account you want to add the friend to.
3. Input your buddies username/handle (ex. Lfalls)
4. Click Add.
5. You can now double click on your buddies name to open an IM chat window!
6. Note: You cannot currently specify what group you want your buddy in.

Joining Chat Channels from a List

1. Click on Buddies>Join a Chat
2. Select your XMPP account.
3. Click Room List>Find Rooms to list all rooms with someone in them
4. Double click on a listed room to join!

Joining/Creating Chat Channels Manually

1. Click on Buddies>Join a Chat
2. On the Join a Chat dialog add the following:
1. Account: <Your XMPP account>
2. Room: <Name of room to join/create>
3. Server:
4. Handle/Password: For private rooms
3. Click Join!

Known Issues

* Friends may not show as online until they change zones in game or relogin.
* In game Location in social panel displays as "Instant Messaging #0"
* Users can be on both XMPP and in game - Messages are sent to both.
* Cannot currently join more than 6 custom chat channels at a time.


Q: Why can't I see my friends?
A: In Pidgin your offline friends do not show up by default. To make them show, choose Buddies -> Show -> Offline Buddies

Q: Why does my account name show up in chat instead of my handle name?
A: Some clients, such as Trillian, show your account name in your chat window, but other users will see your handle name.

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