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05-28-2010, 05:41 PM
Originally Posted by Borysthenis
If you get right down to it, a significant reason as much stuff is going into the C-Store as it is is because of Lifetime Subscriptions. LTS is a good deal for us, so long as we hang out at least a year to year and a half. Cryptic gets a big influx all at once for our purchasing it, but once we have it we have it.

But Cryptic needs to keep paying its bills. And that means deriving revenue from its players, whether they're Lifers or not.

The C-Store is a means by which they can do that. No Lifer needs to buy Cryptic Store stuff, but if there's something in there they want, then they pay a small amount and get it. If Cryptic manages to put a steady stream of things people want in the C-Store, that becomes a revenue stream that gets more money out of the Lifetime Subscribers. That it also gets money out of monthly subscribers is (for them) a happy bonus.

I don't have to worry about paying a monthly fee. That's enough. I don't need other inducements, and I think our perks should eventually all show up in Veteran Rewards or the C-Store so other folks can get them too. And when I buy something in the C-Store, I don't worry about the fact that I'm not getting a discount.

On the other hand, if we get senior discounts at participating Denny's Restaurants, I can entirely get behind that.
so basicly ur saying that all our perks or bonus we got for w/e package/deal we did should become avia to them? intresting considerng they weer Limited offers or came as a limited package offer.

so what was the point of the orignal offers? basicly a way to jsut get money? i think its wrong to tell all of us who bought things thru a package that wait there gonna get everything for cheaper/free and we jsut took ur money for haveing it first. dosent sound right to me. sounds like a way to scam money from people then later go here have it for free now.

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