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05-28-2010, 05:43 AM
Originally Posted by Stingray10 View Post
Well Cryptic has somewhat a unique problem. They have created 2 factions with completely diferent mindsets. Many of the Feds want Peacefull sight seeing missions and the Klingons wants more run and gun game play. And since all we get are rehashed Fed content we eventually get what they ask for, at least you get to kill something LOL.

Its also the fact they made a PvP based faction with a crap PvP system.
And because us klingon's like the run the gun pvp kind of content we have to listen to the Fed shooting off about using Cloak day in and day out as a crutch even though it is something we use as a tool. We get attacked in pvp chat about honor when we have quests that say die at he hands of a fed captain is a good thing.

All Klingon's do is cheat so says the Feds. After a while you just go and chew on the Feds anytime you want because we are at war with them and they aren't really interested in pvping they just want to get their daily done and go do something else.

Klingon life gets boring real fast after you hit BG, pvp is really all there is, and every time they nerf something else the klingon faction gets weaker and weaker which means it starts dwindling down like it is and eventually it will be only Feds in the game.

Something you will notice is there is a lot of chatter going on in the General Chats on the Feds side, on the Klingon Side you will notice that chatter isn't really there very much and you feel like you are playing the game by yourself.
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05-29-2010, 03:43 AM
with my work hours I AM playing the game by myself. The Black Fleet has a goodly number of players but most of 'em have allready let thier subs lapse out of shear unadulterated boordom. I haven't fought a PvP battle in the last month where the Klingons wern't out numbered.

In every other MMO I know of that has multipul factions the so called bad guys (the other MMO's versions of Klingons..ya know, like the Horde in WOW, Asmodeans in **** etc etc etc. ) are fully fleshed out factions with thier own goal, thier own quests/missions etc. STO started beyond a little short in this area.

We got a very chintzy bone thrown our way in the form of exploration missions (which at least kudo's in the noting that once we klingons reach rank the 10 level of rank in any grade we can advance to the next level of exploration misssion and get a head start on the getting badges toward the next Mk's of euipment)

We got some new ship skins. And a reworking of Klingon starting euipment so that if we did "dance to the tune" we wouldn't get utterly punked in PvP if we chose to take our brand spanking new Lt6 Klingon into PvP. So at this point FvK pvp is pretty dieing because whats the point.? Sure. We can get better gear at BG buy going into PvP... or you can do the Daily exploration missions and get euipment there .. which is a good thing because even the feds are giving up on FvK pvp.... seeing there are less and less Klingon player now.

I'm pulling missions at elite just to do them... and after the first million e-creds from drops its decidedly dull.
As a klingon player I have no goals to work towards. There is no war with the federation because there is no possibility of a "victory" and no particular reason to fight. Warrior do not fight just to fight. We're certainly not fighting to "preserve" the empire from the Federation because the federation can't take anything from the Klingons anyway. They can't even conquer us because the structure of the game will not let them. There is no conquest. Just an endless series of battles just to fight battles. There is no danger of the federation actually taking starsystems. There is no need to fight the federation because they cannot take anything from the empire in this game. Nor can we seize world of the federation for the empire.

I'm ready to head back to playing SFC-2OP and SFC-3 multiplayer where there might not be a lot of RP going on, but at least when you fight a battle in that game on conuest mode it counts for something.

The Klingons are not a faction in STO.. Thier not anything at all.

Give me 40 hours and I can get a klingon to BG 5 and never once fight a PvP fight. well fine and good.. but what is it with being able to hit the level cap for the game inside of a week? It's just too easy... thier no challange. There little in the way of tactics. The stratagy in this game is to stack yoru consoles, pick the right skills,and euip your ship. And belive this. I've played at elite level on missions. The AI with the same euipment and officers as a player will take the player apart at the seams because the computer can "hit the keys" much faster then any player possibly can.

ELite level mission are great. I love 'em. they improve my game play.... at least if its a ship battle. I stay away from ground missions at elite level. AI with same euipment as my away team, theres more of 'em, and the AI can act much faster then I can. On the ground I win 1 mission in 5 at elite. Usually the last group of AI wipe me out and prove to be unbeatsable. In space I can generally win but it takes a while. I've taken upto an hour or more on one mission at elite. So, at least in space its a hell of a fight. On the ground, too much so. .

Still, so were getting a couple of storyline missions.. I really hope that what they ment was 2 chains of story arc missions. If its 2 count 'em 2 missions...

Nope, I'm not happy, I have not gotten my monies worth, and I am willing and able to go to the mat, and to court if needed to get most if not all of my money back.

there has been discussion on the forums about IP . Let us remember that this IP is owned by paramount. I think I will write paramount. I even know who to send the letter to at paramount. My complaint will be that Cryptic has scrwed the pooch on this game and is causing irriparible damage to Paramount's IP by thier mishandling of this product.

Cryptic really needs to understand that most of these folks are not just gamers. They are trek fans. When trek fans get burned they do something about it.

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