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# 1 Terradome by TBW
06-02-2010, 03:18 PM
Despite the bugs that have been encountered by our away team, we've managed to beat this STF as of last night.

As the following will show, we went with the strategy of DPS'ing the Terradome Commander down to a bloody pulp. Reason we went with that was due to bug problems that we encountered during our time doing the encounter. Some language in the clips.

Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLlXLxeUQ6k
Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CHU1_1BXfqc

Bugs and inconsistent features that we have uncovered during our time in Terradome include the following (Broken down by section):

Space Encounter:
The only real headache we encountered here was the ball of battleships that would pop out. Not unmanageable, but almost feels like an unnecessary speed bump.

Find Starfleet Officers, protect the Engineers, Ops, & Quarks:
A nifty mini-game with the finding the individuals with the coins, can be a bit tedious though. I'd suggest widening the range of emotes that they give, make it harder to find them rather than force someone to stand there for an extended length of time waiting for someone to flip a coin. That's a nitpick complaint though.

Now protecting the engineers. This has been the second most inconsistent portion of this STF that we've seen. One of a few things will occur when doing this...

1) No Undine will spawn after the initial recruits are dead, leaving us standing there picking our noses for the next few minutes while the engineers work
2) Only a few Undine will spawn, making it super easy for the entire group as they can just camp the few spawn points as they come out.
3) (What I think is intended)Undine spawn all around us, ranging from battle leaders, war masters, and psi masters, in large numbers, making it difficult for any one person to keep their engineer alive proper and continually working on the console while not continually respawning.

The third point is what I think Cryptic wants this part of the STF to be like, but the mobs need to be toned down a bit to make them more manageable by an individual as opposed to the zerg fest that the Undine seem to like to adopt. Or give everyone a Force Field Dome.

Ops and Quarks were pretty straightforward, wandering in and killing everything in there. No complaints here.

Below Decks

Feels like a pretty standard room to room sweep and clear type movement. Same zerg type rush that we've seen employed all the time thus far.

Where's Sulu?

Man where to start...

This portion by far gave us the most problem with this STF. I won't make a big long narrative on this, but here's the list of problems we encountered and some things we think should be changed:

1) Terradome Commander AoE:
As is right now, when you DPS the commander to 50%, toss Sulu and a fake Sulu into a pit, vent the plasma from the various sections, and wait for the AoE, the encounter resets as soon as the AoE goes off. We know this strategy has worked for some at a point in the past, but at the moment this particular strategy appears to be the least desirable way to approach it as you'll just continually reset.

2) Terradome Commander regen:
I would rather see this reversed and have him go into some sort of frenzy (dispense with the AoE entirely). Have him hit harder, increase speed, etc. as opposed to a regen that almost stonewalls any attempt at the DPS race at the 50% mark. The regen makes a strong case for the strategy of tossing Sulu into the pit and venting the cloudy plasma stuff out of it, but this isn't viable in it's current bugged state.

3) Sulu:
Management of the Sulu NPC needs some fixing and refinement. Yeah you can use various knock-back abilities to push him about, but this isn't as reliable as say using the gadget we got earlier to find the Starfleet Officers back on the Promenade and free them. Allowing us to make him friendly sooner would be far more beneficial and make this encounter more manageable. Especially for the crowd that isn't the ultra hardcore crowd.

Lastly, ensure he doesn't spawn somewhere we can't reliably get him, like the plasma stew.

This STF needs more work and more testing. I can see it being a really good STF, but some of the fundamentals of the various encounters need to be looked at.

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