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# 1 Stuck on Shanty Town
06-02-2010, 07:15 PM
First time on this map... well and I will spend some time there. Not volunteery though

The match was totally lame. The Klingonside was going crazy by shooting the fed players at their spawn point. So you can imagine what happend. Die -> Respawn -> Instant Die.

Well thats not the point of it...

At the end when the match is over, Klingons cant STOP it. Still shooting everything and everyone.

Died again AFTER the match was over. How good of them...

Then everyone beamed out.... who was left behind? ME!
  • No beam out button
  • /stuck command says: You cant use stuck
  • Log out / in: Ended up on Shanty Town again.

Okay I know it must be a Bug, but thank you Crazy-Klingons for not giving it a rest after the match was over. Now I am not able to play until a GM lifts me out of that, wich might take some time.

Stupid I-kill-everything-no-matter-if-the-match-has-ended Fools

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