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# 1 Advanced Ground Missions
06-02-2010, 08:41 PM
Did I miss some post in the last couple weeks in regards to advanced setting on ground missions? I've been playing the game on advanced since the difficulties settings have come out, and have had no problems. The ground missions have been a bit of a challenge but that is good. However, over the last two weeks, they have become pretty much impossible. The mobs just focus fire me down if I pull aggro, or if I leave my away team start the fight, they just mow them down one at a time. From what I can tell, it seems to be mobs using pistol weapons that have immense burst damage. I've been admiral/brigadier general the whole time and have not had any gear changes, so I'm wondering if I missed something or if anyone else has noticed this too.
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06-04-2010, 03:10 AM
It's possible that you encounter different foes these days. Only some factions feature enemies with particular weapons that seem to deal too much damage to deal reasonably with. The problem is even worse at Elite, obviously.

It is under investigation, IIRC. dstahl mentioned there is some internal discussion whether it's a problem or not, since they want Elite play to be difficult, beatable, but not beatable by everyone. Maybe that is a sign they (or at least some of them) underestimate the issue, since the threat posed by these "mobs" is considerably higher then you'd expect otherwise and is just out of line with other enemies.

Typically, these opponents are using Bolt Spray attacks, IIRC. The Klingon Swordmaster is an example, and you will also face such attacks by "non-canon" races like Rineketians and-what-you-have.

I think there is a chance that these have _always_ been out of line with the other enemies. But normal difficulty is easy enough that no one really noticed or worried about it - so what, sometimes you can expect to die, right? But on Advanced and Elite, it becomes very noticeable, because you die several times before you beat them. Or give up due to the injuries you sustained and the lack of healing.

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