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I'm not finding enough information on this subject, so I need to post this so someone can help me better understand it. If I want to use a particular BO science power that is marked, say, to utilize Deflector Field. How do I setup my character/crew/ship to best use this Deflector Field required power?

1) Train Deflectors on main character?

2) Train Deflector Field on main character?

3) Equip a starship deflector that has a +? Deflector Field on it?

4) Equip a science console with a +? Deflector Field on it?

And if the above is true, what happens if I only have the first two completed, but neglect the ship components? Is it important for my starship deflector to have a bonus in the science power requirement, or is the starship deflector just a device that provides multiple bonuses where a science console only provides a single bonus?

If I have trained Deflectors on my main character and have +? Deflectors on my starship but not specifically Deflector Field, does it still help my Deflector Field power? Or is it that granular?

Lastly, say I have +? Deflector Field studied to +9 on my main character, my starship Deflector component has a +32 Deflector Field bonus, and I am carrying a +15 Deflector Field science console, how do I determine how much better that science power performs vs no bonuses anywhere (just the BO has the power and that is it)?

Thanks for looking/helping/explaining,

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