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I have been playing this game since beta; I thoroughly enjoy the basic structure of the game, and believe it has some potential. But, what concerns me is the focus on solo play and not enough focus on the MMORPG aspects. I am going to lay out three things I would like to see the first two deal with the MMORPG aspect and the last deal with an idea I have on energy management. I hope to see a rigorous and friendly discussion take place so please no spamming name calling and other things of that nature that you generally see on a forum.

1 I would like to see the class structures become more like other MMORPGs. For instance: your Tactical Officers should be your Warrior/Rogue archetypes, Science Officers should be your Mage/Priest/Healer types, and Engineering Officers your Crafting/Explosive types. Now these would not necessarily mean you would have to stick to one of these areas for your character, but it would help create more uses for divergent classes; as the game stands now everybody could be a Tactical Officer and you rely would not even notice to much of a difference. With better defined classes you get better defined roles for players, and which in turn increases the role playing elements of the game.

2 I would also like to see more ways to socialize in the game. Most MMORPGs have guild halls where guild members come together to socialize; as the game stands now Fleets relly do not have anywhere they can go. Now I relies Cryptic has mentioned they are looking into the possibility to implement some form of a Fleet home; they have not demonstrated that it is a priority to them which is a shame. One of the most important aspect of a MMORPG is the social aspect it is what separates it from a standard solo game. Cities are to small with very little to do in them, and there are just not very many places for people to gather in large groups.

3 Now for the little idea I have on energy management which would make it a bit more Trekkie. If you have ever watched Star Trek you would know that weapons, shields, engines, and subsystems derive their power from what is referred to as the mains, and when the mains go down backup power comes from the auxiliary. Now I propose that you should ballance your w,sh,e,subs out of your mains with the ability to increase power by pulling out of your auxiliary. If you have ever played Star Trek Bridge Commander then you may already have an idea of what i am proposing.

I hope to see positive comments and the rest of the communities ideas regarding these subjects.

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