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06-04-2010, 09:55 PM
I too, like the OP am still wondering about those Rigelians as they were supposed to come out in 1.2.

And I'd just like to chime in that Havraha and ArievDhien bring up some really good points and I am very much in a similar boat. I think if I didn't have a lifetime subscription that I would even play STO anymore.. there are just so many things that really **** me off about the game.. just game design / mechanic decisions in general. I do enjoy playing STO from time to time but it's really far from the Star Trek game it should have been.

There was a post by a dev recently that really made me mad.. on how he had to 'fight' with his boss to fix some of the things in the game because if he did fix said bugs it would go over budget or something like that. It's a sad state of affairs if the people who made the game can't really even afford to fix the mistakes / problems they've created. It kinda make sense why some bugs are still there 2-3 months after launch.. Cryptic can't afford to fix them! So instead of fixing them they just give us a whole boat load of features with even more bugs! In some ways it really makes me depressed that I've invested so much time in this game, through my fleet and my own personal stuff and I genuinely have issues with how much I enjoy playing STO at times.

In the past 2-3 months I've pretty much stopped suggesting ideas or ways to improve the game because it just won't matter as the stuff I'd like to see in the game are just not important to Cryptic.

One positive thing that I can say about the game.. I've really enjoyed the story and the lore behind the game, particularly Kestrel's Path to Timeline updates. If STO were actually canon (which it is to some degree for me), I think those timeline updates could work in the real Trek Universe.

This game has potential.. it really does.. but alot has to change for this game to get there either with the staff that are working with the game, the mechanics, the maps, etc... things need to change for STO to succeed.
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06-04-2010, 10:37 PM
I don't see the sense in 'not being able to afford bug fixes'. Its not like fixing existing items or mechanics would require, let's say new software or something. Fixing these things would simply not generate a new income.

Option A: Fix Ker'rat - Gain: People can play it. Financial gain: Zero, as Ker'rat is part of the 'free' content.
Option B: Reset fleet actions to the way they worked before (less rank restriction). Gain: FAs are playable again (opposed to as good as dead). Financial gain: Zero, see option A.
Option C: Throw out new ship skin for any T5 ship. Gain: Neglectable, it may satisfy 2 % of the people demanding a certain ship skin while leaving the 98 % waiting for other classes unhappy. Financial gain: x $ via microtransaction.

Cryptic picks... yes, exactly.

I'd be happy with some small fixes. I don't 'demand' a new faction that has 62 rarely seen and barely canon, yet difficult to design species (like Tholians, Xindi Aquatics and Insectiods, space whales and nagas or whatever), complete PvE content RIGHT NOW, or that ALL bugs disappear over night. But really NOTHING is coming; really NONE of the small things I wish would be fixed get any attention. I simply don't see the good will.
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06-04-2010, 11:20 PM
Now personally, I think I'll back away from the point where I say "Nothing is coming" or imply that Cryptic is doing nothing, as they seem to have a lot of plans that they are sincerely excited about... specifically the PVE content additions to Klingons they seem to be planning for Season 2. HOWEVER...

In the interest of keeping the thread "productive" for their viewing and not just a straight up empty rant thread, they're slacking off, pure and simple. 1.2 was really, in my mind, going to be an incremental upgrade from the get go -- they were supposed to add in the Accolade system (which reportedly was already partially in place considering they've been tracking the data all this time and knew how to do it on their previous games), do this combat tweaking (which everyone on tribble says they barely noticed), and add in episode replay (which isn't exactly a huge undertaking). Yet SOMEHOW, amongst this big impressive pile of unimpressiveness called 1.2, SOMETHING turned out to be too big to chew and was dropped. And I'm looking at you, episode replay.

Now what does this look like? It doesn't bode well, particularly. I think in the grand scheme of gamers, STO players are some of the most understanding gamers in existance as far as "pushing things back to get it right" is concerned. But when you cant get SIMPLE, UNIMPRESSIVE updates done properly on time and get it pushed back to 1.3.... it doesn't leave us much confidence.

And to bring back a point I made before, I think when things from 1.2 are pushed back to 1.3 or even 2.0, that's MORE TIME that has to be spent on that OTHER older item and less that that's being put to get the new items on the list completed. I mean we're understanding people, but Cryptic, you got to throw us a bone here. At the very least, offer explanations for WHY these things haven't met the time tables, how long it'll take before their finished now ... for Picard's sake, it's 5 days into June and you don't have a June calendar up. Understanding we are, and patient we also, usually, are ... but we're not indefinitely patient.
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06-05-2010, 12:21 AM
That's my point. If you search WAAAY back in this forum, you'll find a list I made - issues of EXISTING things that need fixing. Its no 'add x outfits from show y', its simple things, like 'add color palette from [existing species] to [other existing species]' or 'add alien part x from alien creator to options of [species]'. Two dev posts in that topic, that the list has been given to the art team. Yet weeks later (and several minor patches) really none of this got done, or ever mentioned again.
It would have been throwing the bone. Even if only a few of these things had been changed. Probably one of the easiest thing was to make the antennae already in the 'alien' menu available for Andorians. That would have made one single species happy - but it would have given hope to the others that their fixes simply take longer and will be adressed over time.

Simply waiting until everyone gives up hope and moves on is what I don't understand. Is it really asked too much to want a short comment why things don't happen?

I did show my good will. I said in this topic that these mainly are non-essential, cosmetic changes; collected, checked, offered solutions. What else can we do? Trying to help doesn't get us anywhere, ranting doesn't get us anywhere, waiting doesn't get us anywhere. Communication is always difficult if its one-sided.
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06-05-2010, 12:53 AM
Originally Posted by Havraha View Post
Microtransactions are normal for games that dont have subscription fees.
Not true. Even Blizzard now has a store where you purchase product codes for in-game WoW items (Like the new Celestial Steed mount). Microtransactions aren't just for the F2P MMOs anymore.
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06-05-2010, 01:02 AM
I see a lot of references to wow having MT.

ok, so what are they selling?

armor sets? no
playable races? no
emotes ? no

they are selling......drum roll

name changes
server transfers
and stuff like that.....
and maybe a mount.

please compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges
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06-05-2010, 01:08 AM
Originally Posted by praesius View Post
Not true. Even Blizzard now has a store where you purchase product codes for in-game WoW items (Like the new Celestial Steed mount). Microtransactions aren't just for the F2P MMOs anymore.
Alas, this is a fairly new occurrence, and I think WoW does it because others, like Cryptic, have gotten away with it for so long.

I want to make clear that I don't think ALL microtransactions are of the devil (in the dark, Hey-oh!), ... things like Caitians, knowing how much extra effort are being put into them for the tail technology, fur shaders, and new animations are the kind of light weight content that I think BEGS for a microtransaction. But tellarites? Rigelians? Some of this stuff that's easier to make ought to be thrown in for our subscription fees.

I fear like a lot of people hear us bring this stuff up and think "man, that guy just wants something for nothing", but that's not the point at all. I've already GIVEN my somethin. I gave cryptic 80 dollars for the collector's edition of the GAME itself, and another 300 for all the stuff they'd add later. I don't want "somethin for nothin", I want what they're making for the somethin I already gave them. As do others.

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