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# 1 The Raptor
06-04-2010, 10:19 PM
Granted, I've not respeced, still need to learn and get used to the new cool down etc....but with pre-patch build still in place:Fully buffed DPS loss =1K
Had a fed engineer in a cruiser sit still, go total defense and let me hit him with everything I had. I couldnt even take down a shield hitting him with max attack buffs twice. He killed me within 1 min after I said shoot back.,,,,I used full defensive abilities availble to me....

Perhaps it will take some experimenting/getting used to the way things are now, but initial impressions are:
This is going the way the "Fad Of The Moment" professions on SWG went. Dont get me wrong, I will wholeheartedly endeavor to once again make my beloved Raptor an effective combat weapon....but in all honesty, I believe if I were to go on a hunger strike until I figured out a way to make it effective again, I'd be dead and burried long before that occured....

There are, however, a few good things that have come from this: Aux power now has a real purpose.
A Battle Cruiser is FINALLY something to be reckoned with... I'm certain there are more, but those will have to wait for discovery...

This could have been accomplished without riping the teeth out of a lethal,albeit fragile to begin with, weapon.

An increase to defense,maneuver, and damage output,stictly for cruisers, would have been more than sufficient to solve any percivied "ballance" issues, resulting in retaining a bad ass weapon platform that could be usefull if sufficiently protected, as the pre-patch raptor was.

Krog's 2 cents

"I hold no delusion that my opinoin counts, as my name does not appear "blue" in the forums"
the later added as no attention is given to simply polite, constuctive comments otherwise...
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# 2
06-05-2010, 01:39 AM
unbelievable.....I still see feds cryin in pvp that Klingons are overpowered ....this was funny to bigin with....

more so now...

I guess they wont be happy until all we get to fight with is 3 dudes in mag boots standin on the hull tossin rocks at the bad guy.

If y'all want this to be just a federation pve game...why dont ya just say so and do away with the Klingon faction

whats really funny is that I havent even respeced my tier 3 Im handicaped to start with....

this was a bad idea.
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# 3
06-05-2010, 01:59 AM
Well the thing is fed players who say Klingons are OP is just dumb. That the truth. They are ignorant.
Thats ok, i was ignorant and dumb in the beginning to beliving that the Klingons was OP. (They was OP on the ground in the first weeks) Anyways i started playing Klingon and love it, and i know that Klingons in space are not OP. Fed escorts have stronger hulls and stronger shields and can take more damage than a bop.

Yeah this game has been nice with the Klingons. No storyline, almost no pve content, Only a very small % of Klingon factions get to do the STF's, hardly any customization, no fleet actions(dead to all players) no real pvp in this game or pvp zone. And they want to make another faction. Self destruct ftw?
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# 4
06-05-2010, 02:01 AM
amen /tenchar
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# 5 Raptors
06-05-2010, 03:55 AM
the issue that I have with the new system is the loss in power.
I will explain:
First thing was the buff system. Worked fantastic before. I sooped up my general raptor with 6 buffs not including HY3 and CRF3 and didnt effect the ship good enough. I was distroyed to easily. The buffs included TT, APO, APA, APB, EPW, DEM, I even threw in Jam sensors, and feedback pulse.
If you think it might be a skill upgrade issue I have all 9s in all the upgrades for each including DF for feedpulse pulse. If you think it is weapons I have MKX tetryon weapons including HC, and turrets with 1 Quantum torpedo. If you think it is consoles, I have Tetryon weapons MK10 Cannon MK 10 Torpedo MKX and quantum MK 10.
With my captain I murdered in pve. It was great with my team I play with I raptor, one carrier, one cruiser. cruiser tanked carier healed and subnuked, I applied mass damage. That is the role. Though I was all offense I relied on my crew for healing so I can apply the damage. It worked great till the damage was taken. Now I feel more or less like a LT. BOP.
The system before was a good system for escorts and Raptors. If there was a problem with the damage There should have been upgrades for the cruisers and/or carriers. I am very frustrated with this new system. If there is a better way or there is something out there that can increase the damage that I havent already done please inlighten me. please.
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# 6
06-05-2010, 04:20 AM
Well, i have to say this. I was very against this 1.2 nerf patch. But seen that the Raptor got +10K hull, an extra ENG slot, and some skills that are truely better (FaW, AoE Torpedo and cannon, APD, etc..) i just popped into PvP lastnight, no respec at all, just some new BO skills, rearange my consoles, and just go....

Basicly, there is nothing wrong with the Raptor, infact, i hate to say this (i humbly appologize to all i have discussed with before 1.2 about this ship...) the ship has gotten better and more fun. DPS is somewhat less, but everybody has less dps. I survive way longer, can still burst damage, so i am totally cool with 1.2.

The fact is, you need to adept to playing a Raptor in PvP now....
See a big fat cruiser flying alone and you think, oooh, i can take that baby out in 2 seconds.. wrong, leave him....
See an lonely escort flying around... get him, you win.
See a big fat cruiser getting shot by another KDF player.... HELP HIM bring the cruiser down...

Basicly, the game has become more and more tactic. I think this was a good patch, so please forgive all my misstrust before 1.2 and all my cries, i bow before the devs and say, sorry, you did good.

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