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# 1 accolade system is broken
06-05-2010, 07:11 PM
I know it has only just come out but the accolade system is completley broken. A lot of my accolades arent being tracked that i should have,and i mean their is nothing on the accolade like it says i havent killed any romulans but i have,the tripod terrorist hasnt tracked any undine and i have killed a few gaurdes but it says i have none. and im missing a ton of story accolades i should have, im missing ones like borgification,it is a good day for YOU to die,and the one about romulas being blown up(these have been stated they will be in game by cryptic).I just cant bellive the system is so broken, and cryptic obveousley has a ton of stuff wrong with their tracking system they said was in place since the begining. they realy shouldant have trusted the accuracy of that tracking everything our captin does cause it obveousley hasnt. Anyone else have problems like these?

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