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So its an early satruday evening here in Illinois and I decded to finally do the Gorn fleet action and get it off my list. Zone in to find I am the only one there. So I zone out and and send out a general distress call in zone chat for the fleet action. I head in thinking someone will show up. After soloing the first part and killing 60 frigates and freeing the miners (nearly an hours worht of work) still no one has shown up, Well not quite true one person tried to join but level banding prohibited them from joining me ( I am commander 7).

So I zone out and send out another distress call. head back in to fight the cruisers. Now I am having some trouble. After killing 5 but having several deaths I had back out and send out another call. 30 minutes had gone by by that point. Finally another person joined me. 45 minutes later we completed the fleet action. Just the two of us. That in itself is something I am quite proud of. However my elapsed time in this was over two hours with 3 seperate calls for aid sent out and one and only one person helped.

During that 2 hours two other people tried to join me but level banding even with sidekicking prevented them from helping.

I have been and continue to be a fan of this game but my level of frustration tonight was very high. Please Cryptic fix this. Fleet actions are really fun but not this way.

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