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I've been thinking about whether the game has any gaps in its weapon sandbox lately. One thing that struck was the lack of 360 degree firing, short ranged and torpedo options, and as such would love to see the below:

1) Heavy Turret:
Offers a % increase in damage over regular turret weapons but with a significant range penalty. Higher DPS met with higher cooldown. Retains 360 degree firing arc.
2) Rotary Micro Torpedo Launcher:
A 360 degree torpedo launcher that does greatly reduced DPS in return for generous firing arc and cooldown. Similar to stationary versions installed on DS9.
3) Hybrid Weapon Types:[indent]Everyone loves the idea of the Plasma/Disruptor hybrid you get as a MkIV weapon, so why not expand this premise? I suppose the debate would be whether the DPS for hybrids would be less than or equal to pure types, or whether spending points in both damage categories would result in marginally higher DPS [to compensate for the higher skillpoint usage].

Any other ideas?

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