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06-06-2010, 02:39 PM
An interesting point to consider:

SB1 is based on the TOS SB1. Cryptic has rights to TOS.

The spacedock everyone here is referencing was designed for the films. Cryptic doesn't have rights to the films. The two examples I can think of something that got its start in the films are the Constitution Refit and the WoK jackets, which were part of a promotion with Paramount, who owns the film rights.

My guess is that the spacedock everyone here loves is something that Paramount would sign off on including in the game but that getting that permission probably complicates the approval process, requires more communication, takes longer to approve and the art asset has to go through BOTH CBS and Paramount.

Having limited time to develop the game, they only had time for the WoK jacket and refit Connie, both of which were easier to budget into development using shared or modded assets from elsewhere (ie. TOS Connie with new nacelles and texture or a standard jacket with a new belt buckle and combadge). Whereas the spacedock would require a standalone model.
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06-06-2010, 02:42 PM
Technically wouldn't K7 be older than Space Dock? (At least the TMP/TNG Space Dock?) That's obviously very early TOS in design.
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Originally Posted by martothir View Post
Thanks for the Clarification Azurian.

And as far as the 'its old' argument goes, I don't really buy that. If you invested the incredible amount of resources and effort into building such a huge space station, it seems to me you'd upgrade and make it last as long as possible.

That said, if the Breen destroyed it, well, that's that.

Also, wasn't Jupiter Station older than Spacedock? I thought it was referenced in Enterprise as where they were going for upgrades to their weapons at one point... though it may not have existed in the exact same form back then, it gives some credibility to the upgrade and refit route rather than scrap and rebuild.
Yes, I agree "it's old" statement always was lackluster. Especially since we have K7 in game. And the Federation tends to keep things in top form.

Now with Juptier Station's age, yes it was mentioned being around during Enterprise. However, we never saw it. But in one of Doug Drexler's blogs a year ago, entertained the thought that Jupiter Station was upgraded over the decades and added stuff off, like the saucers from decommissioned ships.

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