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Over the last few days, this has totally ruined the game play for me.

I have re-verified the STO files, checked settings on my firewall and other little tweaks to sort this out.

It is OBVIOUS to me that this error is from your side as nothing else on my system gets bugged from this at all.

Why do we always, and i repeat ALWAYS get these bugs after a patch or update.

I am severely getting annoyed at the amount of down time and re-starting the game just to get a few missions completed here.

Any other folks out there with this error out there, please pipe up on here.

Any decent ideas to fix it are also welcome.
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06-05-2010, 03:02 PM
I'm having this issue as well. Tried checking my internet connection and I'm getting 10 mbps upload/download speeds. Not sure what else to try after resetting my cable modem and router. Any advice would be welcome.

Edit: So, someone in my fleet mentioned changing the proxy server. Didn't have a clue where the settings were though. Turns out they're under options on the game launcher. Set the proxy server to US instead of none and now it's working just fine. No more error messages or rubberbanding. Hope this helps out.
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06-07-2010, 10:27 AM
Thanks Keru.

At least someone responded with a possible "FIX".

Not surprised that it isnt one of the high head ones, they are to busy I guess.

I will give your suggestion a try that next time it crops up.

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