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The front page still talks of the updated coming in May, and it even lists the 1.2 update as being in May. The calendar is still stuck on May and does not have the ability to view June.

I'm sure Cryptic's is probably very hard at work, but from this angle, it seems as if Cryptic is getting dejected and apathetic to the problems plaguing the game, as well as unwilling to commit to any kind of time frame. Seriously, I'm a lifetimer, I don't want this game to die, but when the webpage gets staggered news updates (just now they have a news update about the difficulty slider) and doesn't bother changing the calendar, I start to lose hope.

Will that one marketing guy PLEASE stop bickering with the players on the forums and do their freaking job and sack whoever has failed to update the freaking calendar and get rid of that stupid "coming in May" thing? We're already quarter way through June and I seriously doubt you guys mean May 2011.

Also, what Starfleet requisition form do I fill out to get my desk replaced with one that doesn't have a forehead shaped dent in it?

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