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# 81 Say goodby to the 5 hour run
06-05-2010, 08:35 AM
Did the mission last night with random team without vent and we got to final room in just 2 hours. Just a couple of notes for players.
1. coin flips have changed positions, they are not random just in new positions. So be sure to wait for the flip. Some groups still take 5 minutes or longer to flip.
2. Number system for the consoles are #1 by the ramp to the start area and go counterclockwise. Use this to help coordinate help to cover consoles that are still being hacked.

As mentioned there are less undine now and rooms and battles are far more managable. No longer need dozens of respawns per room. The third floor room has removed the 3 incubaters by the door to the hallway. So you no longer have to deal with them while agroing the whole room to get to the hallway.

We beat the boss on the 3rd try. Just worried about getting sulu to farthest corner from boss so we could deploy turrets and squads without them targeting sulu. Then i went back and helped tank boss. Have plenty of power cells and anyone not helping push sulu should have a expose weapon as a secondary to maximize your chances of getting an expose. The only thing that kept us from completing was a newbie that shot the real sulu who had gotten loose into the pit and the team didnt have time to beam out and redo.

The only word i have is with all the updates on terradome "WHY DIDNT YOU FIX THE FINAL MAP LOAD"
You still have to start from Trial of Janus if you unlock final map and come back later.
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# 82
06-07-2010, 07:19 AM
Get it sorted Cryptic.

I'm not normally a hater but this last room is getting beyond a joke now.

The Sulu thing is challenging but not impossible. What is ridiculous is the bugs that get me stuck at the respawn point spinning like something gone daft, merely for respawning, forcing a relog and coming back in again.

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# 83
06-07-2010, 01:08 PM
I could go on about the "zerg" as it's called in this mission, but that's not what really befuddles me. I've come to expect to fight the entire borg or now undine species within each STF What's really confusing is how none of what is happening in the last boss fight makes any sense whatsoever.

Anyway, here's the my suggestions for making this a bit more fun

1) Make the coin flippers do the animation at least once every 60 seconds. As unbelievable as this may sound, sitting there staring at a group of NPCs for more than a minute or so isn't as fun as it sounds.

2) Eliminate the Undine drop from the ceiling in the boss fight... I mean honestly, how does that even make sense? No, don't make them all transport in from somewhere either. Just cut them out altogether.

3) Make fighting the boss and fighting sulu separate. Going through and locating the real sulu is interesting and can be a good challenge. Make real sulu "friendly" by scanning him with that undine scanner.

4) For the last boss, make it "interesting" and "challenging" without involving "insta-death" or "Undine raining from the sky".

Have whoever is doing the most DPS become a focus of a major Psi blast. Some kind of subtle cue would be nice such as he stops taking and dealing damage and instead starts staring down whoever is about to eat it.

Have him summon some "dead" Sulus back to head for the real Sulu. You'd have to switch from fighting off the boss to protecting Sulu from the Zombie Sulus...

Give the boss an AoE confuse to keep players on their toes. Attacks would damage players and heals would heal him.

And here's a real novel idea... make the boss so you can't actually "kill" him, but after doing a certain amount of damage he's "stunned". You beam out and then blast the whole facility into bits from space. I like the idea of these massively difficult enemies but the fact you just grind them down to death sort of takes away from their "epicness". They have a facility with no weapons or visible defenses... I have tricobolt torpedos... why is it I'm down there in his face blasting him with a rifle when I could just blow the whole facility up from my captain's chair? I'd like these boss fights to feel more like an "escape" back to the ship to finish the job from there than just a typical "video game boss fight". There should be a bit of logic as to what is happening and why we're doing it a certain way.

In fact, maybe make the whole boss fight a run back to a beam out point. You fight him to where he's disoriented, then run back through the level. Eventually he catches up and you have to fight him back some more, etc. That would also make sure that you actually cleared all that trash too rather than just sprint by them.

I hope the next round of STFs focus on fun over "challenge". I'd love to see several ways to make it through each one, that would keep people "busy" replaying the same mission different ways and be a far better solution than the "throw the entire population of the species at you" method being employed now.
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# 84
06-07-2010, 04:42 PM
i just finished terradome,tonight.
this was what happened:
the space bit was messy.too many rifts opening.we died a few times here.
when we started the ground stuff,the engineers bit was hard.we kept getting mobbed,at every console.after the 5th try,the undine seemed to only come at us,2 at a stun polaron pistol,and the geophysicist kit,helped me keep them at bay.
wierd thing is,the other guys covering the other consoles,had finished letting thier engineers do the consoles,but mine took ages.
with the interior bit,that was geophysicist kit(lots of holds/exposes) was in overdrive.
using my stun pistol,and kit hold power,i kept the bosses at bay,so the guys could mop up the rest.

the last room?omg.
we tried doing it,about 7 times.
let 1 guy run in,find sulu,and knock him into the pit.easy.
then boss spawned.i drew him to 1 side,then we all powned him,me doing exposes/dps/holds,and the team doing dps.he was easy to kill,you just make sure you keep at him,with high dps guns,and he dies.and yes,the 30 second limit,is harsh.
when he died,we mopped up the rest of the sulu's(some of them fell into the pit,we had hard time finding real one again,lol).the mission succeeded at that point.
then the death wave hit.dunno why it spawned last thing,but maybe it was because we killed all the incubators,and other stuff 1st.was funny,me as a sci,standing in middle,then having 30 undine land on you.i just clicked everything i had,but i still died in looked funny. all in all,it was a badly made mission,but i still had fun.
my tip?take a cone attack gun,and a sniper gun with you,you'll need to adapt.

and sorry to the team-mates i had,i didn't have vent,so it was a bit of a catchup for me at times,keeping up with them.i think i got on their nerves a this being my 1st time doing it,i needed hints here and there.thanks for being so patient,guys.

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