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The Shortest Version

Many of you know that you can choose a short description for your general playstyle on XBox Live which appears when other players inspect your account card. Words like "Hardcore", "Casual" ", "For The Fun", and so on.

Basically, the tags help you know better at a glance whether other potential teammates' playstyles will mesh with yours in-game.

I find myself wishing for similar tags in Star Trek Online, especially when I'm trying to find a good pick-up-group to do the Special Task Force missions.

Two Player Types, Tripping Over Each Other

There are at least two very different approaches to the STF content. Many players approach the missions as a technical exercise, meant to be executed at maximum speed. They often don't want to team unless the other person uses Ventilo voice-chat, and already knows the mission layout and tactics in advance -- either from having done it before, or from reading third-party guides out on the web.

Others want to run the STFs for the Star Trek flavor; they want to read the mission briefing texts, and face the challenges cold for the first time, as they appear -- mirroring the way Star Trek episodes unfold.

Neither of these approaches is wrong, but they are typically incompatible. The former style seeks efficiency and speed, while the latter is all about an immersed experience.

Problem is, right now, players can sit in Gamma Orionis Sector literally for hours, scouring the Zone Chat, attempting to find other players who match their general playstyle. It can be done, but sometimes finding a group can take longer than the STFs themselves.

Finding Your Teams Faster

Since the hardcore-efficiency players seem most prevalent, and fairly vocal, in the zone, it's easy for the immersive or experiential gamers to presume that there are no other like-minded gamers in the zone, when there often are.

So, I'm thinking some sort of player-selected general playstyle tag -- which shows up in the Social/Search Window description area -- might help players from both major playstyles find Special Task Force pick-up group teammates more quickly and more easily than is possible right now?

My opinions, anyway,


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