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# 1 What I would like to see
06-08-2010, 06:12 PM
Firstly am I right in saying the map is colour coded to represent a certain faction ?

If so then why as a starfleet officer am I allowed to just wander into enemy territory and do patrol missions ?

Some of the missions have dialogue which suggests follow up or continuation yet nothing

Would like to see Branches in Star Fleet the forthcoming diplomatic corp is a start but maybe Galaxy Exploration and Military Operations Command Introduced

Definatly more planets the Star Trek Universe for the Federation alone has over 2000 planets and theres allways maps around to find various common planets

Like my BOff's to also have some influence on the ship operations so more skills for them like engineers being able to learn Engine Maintenace etc (One of my admirals has 3 Boffs or each class all with maxed out skills yet i still have over 10k unused points

Getting rid of ranked consoles start with one space at start then 2 etc , its not as if you can activate all skills at once

Captain should be the highest rank Admirals do not or rarely fly ships , Admiral rank can be obtained but by doing a lot of missions/quests

I would guess the game has some sort of realtime clock so characters can age as my fleet notifications of withdrawals and promo are date stamped so allow solo or fleet explorers a week or two to go off into deep space and explore

This will be a good way to introduce teamwork in helping each other keep there ships safe even better if you do not allow respawns add a bit of mortality to the game definatly make it more interesting

For research I am bit miffed why the higher level ship weaponry I can do is non Star Fleet Based I'm a traditionalist Star Fleet use Phasers Photon and Quantum Torps (maybe Transphasic i think there mentioned somewhere) yet There not available for research at higher lvls ,

Most importantly space combat please make it possible to do 360 degrees both left and right and up and down lost count of the amount of times I have had to corkscrew to an anomoly or asteroid because i can only go up or down so far its silly

Against my better judgement I added subscription which I wasnt going to as although good having 2 top ranked admirals in under 3 weeks doesnt scream game lastability to me , Im hoping with future updates I am proven wrong

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