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Here are some bugs i found in game after 1.2, like usual i have screenshots

Anyways found some bugs after 1.2

1st, When Iam flying around sectors, and see those sexy starcruiser vessels. When I see them from afar, they look to me like the Nomad. But when I get closer and closer to the ship...suddenly it changes to what it actually looks like. Almost like a flicker...its wierd, and I find it happens with every starcruiser out there. Usually ill see the engines or something a certain way but suddenly when I get closer to the ship they morph into a different position but the position the user has it originally designed. Very odd.

pic 1 ( this is the pic of a starcruiser from a distance before i get closer to it, as you can see the nacelles look like you think they should when you get closer...wait till pic 2)
pic 2 ( so i finally get right up to it, and it suddenly the nacelles change.)

2nd, Now this is something ive seen along time ago, forgot to make a post about it. Ship phaser relays. Now some look good. But there are some on ships like intrepids, sovs that are completely black. They look so horrible on the ships hull. Just plain black. This is something i can get a screenshot of...ill post later.

pic 1 (this is the sov's phaser relays on the hull, as you can see totally black..looks horrid)

pic 2 ( the new commet phaser relays on the hull, look like actual phaser relays..and there not a solid black color)

3rd, still persistant enemy contact missions that yield no enemies....this is old...needs to be fixed.

4th, The new Photonic Bridge Officer. Now theres a few bugs with the BO. First off it dosnt show up on your ships bridge when you go to your bridge..really? Also when your on the ground on a planet and when you look to your list of BO's they all have there combadge symbols next to there "portait" the Photonic Bridge officer dosnt have one..its empty.

pic 1 ( this is on the ground with the new photonic bridge you can clearly see he has no logo next to his portait indicating what he is (blue red yellow ect) )
5th, This is something I forgot to mention too awile back, On the Assault Carrier skin "Imperial" the nacelles. Now Iam not sure if its intended, but never the less looks really goofy. Only way I can really show by screenshot so here...

pic 1

in the pic you can see the red should be on the left side to go with the red on the tip of the nacelle...looks really goofy on the right..i hope thats not intended.
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06-08-2010, 10:21 PM
bump...also added in more screenshots.
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06-09-2010, 12:36 AM
I've had experiences similar to your 'changing nacelles' where the graphic kinda 'pops' to what it really should be when you get closer to the actual object, but I mostly notice it on ground missions with NPCs... I'll try to post screenies.

I've always assumed it had something to do with a video setting of mine, somewhere ... or, generic models are used when viewing from a distance to help speed up rendering or whatnot ...


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