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Tellarite's pigheaded trait isn't kicking in hardly at all according to the sound effect. I don't know if the sound effect sometimes doesn't work. Or the trait is not being activated. It only gets applied every 15 to 30 minutes taking heavy damage from multiple NPCs in DS9 under siege. When I do get the buff it normally happens about two times in a row within a couple of seconds. When I have no shields and my health is really low. So when I do get the buff I am trying to get to cover to regain my shields and hit points. So I basically can't use it.

I have tried to use the combat filter and there is no way to filter out everything but critical strikes done to me. I have tried to watch the damage floater above my character but no accurate way I can calculate the crits and procs and play. I don't know if I can only get critical strikes done to me when my shields are low or down.

All I know in hours and hours of DS9 under siege I am not getting this buff hardly ever. While being shot by lots of different enemies. I don't expect it to always be active I just expect to get it a lot more than every 30 minutes.

I think this traits should be changed where it procs from weapon fire and can only be applied once a minute. So it's not completely useless.

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