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Ok this is the idea in a nutshell:

Setup a few zones, where you have fleet/ guild actions, that give you fully working bridges and interiors.

These ships would be used only in the PvP or special PvE zones, and you would need about 10 to 20 people to work them. The areas of the ship that would be working are as follows:

1. Bridge
2. Sickbay
3. Engineering
4. misc other areas

Mainly this would give fleets in game something more to do, if you setup these types of ship zones in the game. Plus it could be a good testing ground for when you give interior type ships to everyone else.

These fleet zones would play a role in the game story, and would give players a feeling of having a hand in world changing events.

Also, the fleet ships would reflect the damage inside, as it gets outside, and players while on the ship would have to play a role to get the repairs done, while the ship is in combat.

Yes I know i know it's not fun right, but this is only a fleet/ guild action idea, and It might work if left to a few special zones in the game.
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06-10-2010, 08:16 AM

Since the first rumours about an ST MMO a tiny minoroty have asked, shouted and screamed for such a feature as if they realy would like to stand around waiting to press a button on a bridge console. Looking at power flow meters and telling the captain that power is flowing.

Quite rightly the devs ignored them. The number of people who would take part in this on a long term basis would make it so that there is you and your mate on the bridge/ So you give the orders and he flys the ship but who fires the weapons? Who is in the engine making it go?

While the game we got is not what everyone wanted and has huge gaping wholes in its story, bugs/typos in almost every mission it is at least enjoyable. What you have described is not enjoyable by enough people to make it worth while producing.
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06-10-2010, 08:22 AM
Well I am glad you find the idea exciting. lol

The idea is what it is and old idea, but with a little tweeking, it could be a workable and good idea. Give players something to gain, own and work for, this idea could be the best thing that happens to this game. It all depends on how you put it all together.
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06-10-2010, 08:39 AM
Originally Posted by ELITE-Kaos View Post
This is a great way to start a reply.
I'm sure no one will see it as "D***'ish" at all, lol.
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06-10-2010, 12:35 PM
So true so true. lol

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