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# 1 General Rant thread...
06-10-2010, 05:12 PM
Well after 55 hours of play I have reached an impass...


This is NOT what Star Trek is, unless you are a JJ timeline fan. Obviously I am not.

One thing I do not like is PvP, unless it advances the story. Here is is a total nothing, and it takes quite a while for enough people to get together to start one. I have played at all times of the day, and have found that the minimums in the PvP areas are too high at most times. A variable minimum needs to be set based on the players actually in the PvP sector block.

As of this point All I have are mission in the PvP areas. That holds no interest to me, and seems discriminatory. I really thought this game would be like TOS/TAS/TNG/DS9/VOY/ENT, but it is nothing like that. It reeks of the JJ Abrams garbage timeline.

This is not Star Trek.

At least 90% of all missions I have been on either were combative out of the box, or ended up that way. That may be fine for the new timeline fans, but you have basically left out the LONG TIME FANS. Aside from a few ships, basic layouts, canon locations and uniforms, this is nothing like Star Trek.

OK not that that is out of the way, let me get on to some other issues.

Earth Spacedock. Where is the Mushroom? That exterior model look more like an old DC comics/FASA Klingon Station layout. Where is McKinley Yards? Utopia Planitia? Jupiter Station?
There are plenty of named systens in the canon of Trek. What is with all the system names? What one of the Dev's couldn go over to and use them? This actually separates the fan from the game. Wonder why longtime fans tried the game out and then left? Wow, talk about leading a horse to water...

This entire game feels like it was rushed to market. I know all of us kept hammering everyone about the release, but after 5 aborted attempts going back to the mid-90's, Cryptic should have pulled a Blizzard and kept it all quiet until 3 to 6 months prior to the beta.

Or perhaps it should have died long ago.

I fear without a return to the original timeline, sans the JJ crap, STO will not last beyond 3 years, and that is being really liberal.

Many of my friends have tried STO though Steam, and not played much beyond an hour. In fact they all went back to Eve.

Cryptic, you have to do something! And FAST! I personally have waited for this game since the first idea of it was floated somewhere (I think by Sierra) in 1992 or 93! Now that there is a Star Trek MMO, it has to be Star Trek. And right now it isn't close to the Trek of my heart, even if I were a Klingon! (Well, maybe a Klingon...)
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# 2
06-10-2010, 05:20 PM
Originally Posted by BJBeard
Many of my friends have tried STO though Steam, and not played much beyond an hour. In fact they all went back to Eve.
This is pretty self-explanatory, don't you think?

How about something a little more constructive? Sure, it is missing some things, but what do you think should be the developers' priorities?

Many people have suggested great ideas like alternative career tracks such as exploration or diplomacy. Others have suggested new factions. A very loud few believe that adding Caitians is the most important thing.

What, in your mind, is needed to give the game the feel that you want to see?
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06-10-2010, 05:25 PM
read the last in progress report. and be on the look out for the new one that should be out tomorrow. as for all those stations, I believe star base 1 ( which was really old in the first place. ) was destroyed by the breen in the dominion war. ( I would have to look up the thread were we talked about that. ) their is talk of a full planetary system for SOL, and a klingon attack on the ship yards.
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06-10-2010, 05:36 PM
No offense intended, but you're really beating a dead horse. Yes the game was very rushed, it wasnt the developers choice its the financial backers and companies holding the IP's choice that they had to rush it. They have been working very hard to add more content, and in about a month or so there will be a lot more non-combat.

I'm sorry you're not enjoying the game, but I find it hard to believe you've run out of non-pvp missions after only 55 hours of playtime.

I think with all the back story they wrote explaining the state of war that is going on in this version of star trek's time line it makes a lot of sense that there is so much fighting. "too much fighting" has been an issue with nearly every major franchise made into a game i've ever enjoyed, so i guess i've just gotten used to it, and from looking at previews I saw it coming.

Please be patient, maybe make a new character and take it more slowly? Try some role playing, join a fleet that does things other than combat. Focus on crafting? (i know i know its very bland)

All in all i'm trying to say give it a bit longer. I really want this game to carry on a long time, but i'm worried that people expect it to have way too much content too quickly. I'm an amateur game programmer myself, and a huge star trek geek, so i'm biased, but i really respect the work the devs have done in a short amount of time, and given another few months i think you may really like this game if you're that passionate about star trek.
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06-10-2010, 05:43 PM
While I understand you're upset, let's try to stay constructive. Rant threads don't really achieve anything other than venting bile.
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