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# 1 The Accolade List
06-10-2010, 08:21 PM
I've created an almost complete list of all accolades available including information on where to get them plus tips!

It is available to download in the OpenOffice format (.ods) or Excel (.xls) or viewed at Google Docs. If you find any typos/mistakes/inforrect information please point them out

<<<View @ Google Docs>>>

<<<Download The Accolade List>>>

List Last Updated: 20:02 12/06/2010

If you find any new accolades please post them here with their full name, description, amount of points it is worth, how/where you got it (any tips if you have them) and also any rewards if applicable.

I've got all the missions related accolades so if you want any of them shared catch me in-game

<<<Accolades Currently Under Investigation>>>

Accolade #1 (Story) (listed on Cryptic's accolade page): Unruly Roost, Defeat the Borg Tactical Cube.
Notes: It isn't Infected\Khitomer Accord since I've done that recently also no signs of a tactical cube in (Collateral Damage, Asset Recovery, State of Q), Maybe Cryptic made a typo and it's an exploration accolade (only other tactical cubes I've seen are in Gamma Orionis DSE and Ker'rat).

Accolade #2 (Exploration) (listed on Cryptic's accolade page): Making the Rounds, Fly through the dust trail around the planet in the Mylassa system, Mission: Hunting the Hunters (Romulan Front).
Notes: I've flown through the ring of planet in the Mylasa System twice, both at the start of the mission and at the end without triggering it. Maybe you have to activate it something?

If you would like help with accolades in-game feel free to join the "Accolades" chat channel.

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