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# 1 RSP needs some changes please.
06-11-2010, 09:44 AM
This survivability skill has pretty much become a must have for PvP/PvE, especially for escort types. I'm not going to suggest it's OP, because that would hurt many peoples feelings, but I believe it should be tweaked around a little bit, in order to make other Engineering BO skills more desirable.

My suggestion, give a 30-40% bleed-through while RSP is active; this should still make the skill effective for engagements of 1v1 1v2 or 1v3, but any time you have more then 3 ships blasting away at you, there should be some downside to using this skill, as of now bleed-through in this game is laughable, any time you have a skill that is (Can't Touch me Button), I really think something needs to be changed. RSP so long as you have more then 20% hull makes you unkillable for 15 seconds, there really needs to be some downside to the skill which currently there is none; perhaps power drain from other systems, or a movement debuff would also work, but the skill is just way to common place and over the top to be anything but alright.

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