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Black Legion Knights is currently recruiting. If you want to join the Black Legion Knights (a Klingon Fleet ) please visit our web page :
Click on home will give you some back ground information of the fleet and if you decide to join click on pledge your soul and fill out the necessary information on the application. You can even add your character from STO by clicking on Battle fleet after your registration is approved. Scroll to bottom of Character list and click on add your character to the Black Legion Knights.
We are a fleet of mature people and play for fun. Our fleet has ventrilo server of its own. We play pvp and pve. We welcome all races that are affilliated to the Klingon Empire. If you feel the Klingon blood coursing through your veins and the roar of a warrior.Then please join Black Legion Knights. Join the official Elite guard to the High counsel in Star Trek Online game ( High Counsel referring to the Chancellor J'mpok ).

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