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06-12-2010, 11:38 AM
Originally Posted by Xigent
i cant belive people are still trying to make an argument for tac in a cruiser in premade pvp...i read this thread from start to finish...guess what i see?

Premade pvp or not, a tac in a cruiser is a hamstrung cruiser. Is it possible to pull off? Yes. Is the number of people successfully able to pull it off significantly smaller than the number of people who think they can successfully pull it off? Yes.

What bothers me is the number of people post 1.2 who think DPS is king and that DPS is going to win you matches. This is not the case. Alpha, or burst damage is what takes ships down and right now, great healing is what wins matches.

I had a match a few days ago, 4 eng/cruisers and a sci/sci vs 4 tac/cruisers and a sci/sci. The tac/cruiser combo did SIGNIFICANTLY more damage than the eng/cruiser combo did. A couple of those cruisers broke the 1 million damage mark in that match while the eng/cruisers were at the 300k-400k mark. And the eng/cruisers won.

The cruiser damage model is sustained damage, pure and simple. One can get a little bit of burst out of a BO2 or a HYT2, but not nearly as much as one can get out of a CRF3/CSV3/BO3/HYT3 capable ship like an escort. And it is burst damage that kills, not sustained damage.

Note: The previous post only applies if people are actually healing each other.
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06-12-2010, 02:13 PM
It is becoming confusing to me to see posts with the term teamwork in them that then either call out a single players skill level or hints to a single players dmg in the end.

So is it to be teamwork or solo can't have it both ways.

For the record I fly in star cruiser with support minded build myself. Respectable consistent dmg i would say as pointed out fairly easy i suppose to keep beams smacking stuff. But that is a secondary if not further down the list goal. Many of you that have posted clearly from what ive seen of you in game and opinions from posts know what your doing so this obviously is not a targeted post just general statement.

Primary goal to support your team plain and simple. Once a real teamwork minded groups is formed it is no longer accurate to single out players for stats imo. You all share in the credit for either win or loss. IE: heal and protect escorts cruisers and imo rightfully the increased dmg they are doing then would have to be partially granted to the support right?

Escorts help out your cruisers while they do support you if they are at risk since they might likely have needed skills on cool down after using them to aid you.

PVP is clearly best as a team sport. Lastly the overall awesome leetness of a single team member isnt as important in a proper team as you cover for each others short falls imo.

3-4 good team players with rounded ship make up and at least a clue what they are doing could very well out play a similar team of great solo players but little care for the best route to a win.

*As a public service message i would like people that might have been caught with their..."ego" hanging out to careful please with the zippers, wouldn't want a mishap."

See you all around.

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