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06-14-2010, 12:14 AM
Originally Posted by Galactrix View Post
Other features could be like hints on what's to come, or spoilers or exclusive info from the developers. That green concierge woman already drops a hint about the Breen when you first get there because she's got a message for you from the future.

It would be nice if the developers used it as a hang out spot to chat with us too. It seems like they only hang out on Tribble sever. They should drop by the Captain's Table and interact with their lifetime players, because we're the ones who want the game to succeed and give suggestions.

Instead of a one-stop-shop they should just make access more convenient. Since the Captain's Table exists outside of normal spacetime, then how about using it as a travel-hub? You could walk through a door in your ship interior/ready-room and appear at The Captain's Table. Much more convenient than flying to Spacedock and going through the nebula!
Have you not read the "Breen" bit with the Concerlierge (or whatever the orion female is called as you beam in)?

And I do agree about the "Captains Table". Whenever I've been there, out of boredom, theres about 3 others max.

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