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# 1 Starbase Suggestion
06-15-2010, 08:37 PM
So, I'm poking around Earth Starbase and I realize a couple things.

First, there's a clearly labeled Transporter Room adjacent to Admiral Quinn's office. Did someone lose the key? Because we keep having to beam into the freaking hallway. I mean, K-7 has a working transporter. Memory Alpha has a working transporter. This base should be the pride of the Federation, and its transporter doors are locked!

Second. I've heard people want a holodeck. I finally figured out what the perfect use for one would be. To try out bridges. Give us a holodeck near the shipyard and give us access to all the bridges. All of them. 1000 credits is a bit of change for a bridge replacement when we don't have a good idea what it looks like. I think the best way to get a gander at it is to actually stand in it and look around (for free in a holodeck).

This holodeck has the added bonus if we can check out bridges in the C-store. By seeing how awesome they are, we'll decide we actually want to plunk down our points on those instead of guessing and hoping we liked what we're buying.

Third, related to the shipyard. It always seems to get super crowded. Any way we could spread things out a little down there? Every person always seems to have five people around them interacting. It's like moving through a mall on the day after Thanksgiving.


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