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Hi, since playing from Launch I myself and other players have found it progression too quick, while in the addition of mini games and option of difficulty might slow down the advancement of captains a little or a lot. Iíve had this idea. It could be a supplemental expansion pack idea too as my career idea suggests reassignment to other ďnot your own ship postsĒ for brief periods

Some of the problems of fast progression are that you get a few hours to spend with your upgrades new ship etc. So I propose a career mode and an extended career mode. Another problem is if you can get a higher mark item, you wonít bother buying say mark 1, 3, 5, 7 and so on items and so on.

In Career mode skill point rewards could be cut by either 25% or %33 and an extended maybe 50% / 66% so it takes longer for players to level up, and thus gives the player more time fly around in a new ship, for example between ranks I feel there isnít much time between ranks to spend that much time trying out different ships in the same tier.
In Career modes the higher mark items (mark 2/4 and so on) could be locked until you reach Lieutenant 5, commander 5 and so on.

A change of career mode could be offered, back to normal (the default) and other mode at each promotion.
To encourage players to take one of the career modes, a special or set of special rewards could be made for reaching a new rank. For example a very rare item, they are very rare to find at levels below Rear Admiral. Or unique items such as another matter capacitor or at rear admiral level an efficient engine at mark 10.

With the arrival of ship interiors and mini games perhaps the career mode could start with a series of missions before you are granted command of a ship?

The career mode could also feature the Commanders test & Capitanís test where you would have to take the test like Kirk this could be done once bridges are fully interactive, since the Capitanís test is meant to be a no win situation the player would I guess have to gain a high enough score, or like Kirk cheat by alter the program. A unique item could be offered to those who didnít alter the program to make it winnable.
Other ideas of playing in this mode could include being temporally reassigned to another ship or other faction in joint mission, just like the exchange program Riker went on.
In career mode at commander level you could also been given brief command of a space station for a series of episodes.

My last idea for a career mode is that your career as well as you down, so far in STO no NPC admiral has invited you to their office for a rollicking (being told off or asked to explain yourself. So some missions could have time limits or other ways to end the mission that could get you into trouble so if you donít respond to a distress call quick enough because you want to collect data samples first and the ship in distress is destroyed you could be given a chance to restart the mission or accept consequence of your actions and have points taken away from you.. If you lost enough points u could be demoted.

Thoughts and other ideas very welcome... Hope to see this sometime in the future...

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