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ok so since i reached captain i've had a sci kit with gravemetric shift, it says it's supposed to interrupt and root.. and it doesn't do either (no this is not from a resist) it NEVER EVER HAS EVER WORKED

.. it's functionality is 0%, and i use it all the time.. hoping i will see it do something.

i pop thermal vent and grav.shift when engaging an enemy, he just steps out of the flames and shoots me.. no interrupt no root.. i get an engineer or medic down to low health and grav shift him but he just heals/shield regens himself.. no interrupt there..

.. i try just grav.shift on a fresh enemy without doing anything else (checking to see if its a fragile effect) but nope.. he runs at me or shoots me while standing in it.. no root, no interrupt.. NOTHING.. not ever

im now at captain 10 and yet to see it do anything except give the enemy root resist for 30seconds.. that part works GREAT and 100%

.. i did see a thread a while ago with characters having power issues, and GM having to manually force the fix, i've made tickets..many tickets on all ove the things in this game that dont work.. one ticket with all the things(i have a list.. 97 things in total.. yes still after the patch. the patch fixed 1 and broke 9 more)

.. and i've made tickets for like-wise things(groups.. 97 individual tickets on the massive amount they must have because they game and servers are very much a "work in progress" LMAO would be a bit much) .. so now i'm here making a thread for just this one power as it's a bit of a game breaker/ruiner . nothing but klinks immune to roots and holds running up and chopping you in half on elite to destroy a mission, jem hadar are great at it too.. brilliant, just briliant... especially since roll doesn't work worth poop anymore and my thread/vote on adding a BLOCK skill to the ground combat got nowhere fast. god forbid any realism, or functionality i guess.

someone out there please tell me your grav.shift is working so i have piece of mind that there is hope and maybe just maybe a gm will here my plea and force it to on my toon too.

flickes iiv@verhey saying , hey wtf, eh? ... and cheers!
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
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06-16-2010, 10:43 AM
i assume you are using the geophysics kit. if so i cant tell for certain that the root power does in fact work. it is a essential power/kit for the cure. maybe if you try it on the cure, and cast it on the worker, you'll see how great it is.

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