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Firstly, apologies to anyone who may have posted something like this already. If you have it's not an attempt to steal your thunder or rip off your ideas, just something that occured to me.

Anyways, so i just did a scan vessel mission and as i was doing it i got to thinking. The concept for these missions is good, but...they're lacking. The more i thought about it, i had some ideas on how to spice them start to occur to me.

Currently, you arrive in a mission, get a message from someone on a nearby system base or planet, then approach a ship scan it and move on.

What if though, you got to the ship and were unable to tell much beyond what you already get told. Now instead of just moving on to the next wreck, wh not beam down to the wreck and investigate inside? The best example of this type of investigation that readily occurs to me is them checking out Soren's laboratory after the Romulan's attacked it in Generations.

Once aboard the wrecked vessel, you could using your tricorder scan for survivors opening up the introduction of a possibility for scanning minigames (which we know are coming) as part of the mission. The scanning type could vary based off your profession. Tactical tries to work out who attacked, Engineering tries to access the ship systems, science looks for something that may have caused the attack.

Over the course of the investigation, your own ship could hail you and report that they have just received a (aka the current government hailing you on entry of the system)message from the local government asking for assistance to investigate.

After your investigation of the first vessel is complete you can then (via a post away team mission dialogue) be directed to reports of a <racial ship> that is attacking <racial ship type you're investigating the destruction of) or even as a mayday type help request. Your goal then becomes to defend the ship being attacked and drive off/destroy the attackers.

As with the current missions, some of them could be handled via a straight up shoot out at the end, or you could during your investigation discover that that the race you're investigating for has done something to provoke these attacks, and be able to mediate a solution without bloodshed (and tie it in as a Fed diplomatic Corps mission.

I think that this would add some much needed Star Trek style gameplay whilst expanding mission types that are already there but could use some love to make them worth doing.

Interested in feedback, whether it's your idea sucks or your ideas ok.

And if you survived my WoT critting you...danke

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