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06-16-2010, 11:43 PM
Originally Posted by Zodi-emish
first off..... you have 17 characters? ( I always check someone before I give advice )

also have you tried elite difficulty yet?

That's a lot of characters.

That's definitely evidence that Keldor is bored with the game on some level.

Sorry to hear that Keldor.

(And just to clarify, there is no snark in this post. I am surprised by 17 characters. I do think that is a visual display of being bored with the game like you say in your posts. And I am sorry to hear that. All of that is meant to be taken at face value. I sometimes worry that I word things wrong and people read sarcasm in posts where none is intended, so sorry for the long disclaimer).
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06-17-2010, 12:06 AM
Annnnd after reading that whole post about children playing hide and seek and this gentleman who's apparently totally able to pwn ur face along with the rest of the billions of npcs in the galaxy, I've basicly taken this thread and understood this much by these two paragraphs.

Why not make PvE combat more realistic by getting rid of the hordes of mindless zombies in starships, and throwing us a curveball with interesting PvE combat? I've probably killed several small planets worth of borg drones by now, they should be getting pretty close to extinction at this rate.

In short, it's too slow now, and there's several ways to speed it up, one of which would dramatically reduce the network hardware load on one side and redistribute that power to the other side by simply making NPCs smarter and less numerous with higher rewards. Afterall, every second rate thug in the galaxy doesn't get his own flying city, so why is outer space more heavily populated than any given planet, and how did people so amazingly stupid ever get put in charge of several million EC worth of hardware?
To me it sounds like this rather bored gentleman actually wants a Trek mmo with other things to do, wants to experience more star trek and less of this grindish mind numbing war. He wants fun, I think.

How bout everyone else? I think I agree with the man.
Hope I didnt put any words in his mouth.
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06-17-2010, 12:09 AM
I agree with him, too
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06-17-2010, 12:41 AM
Very sorry, I wanted to read your post but then I saw how long it was and I don't think I have it in me to read a book at this stage of my life.

It looked interesting and it looked well written. Maybe I will get the cliff notes from the C-Store.
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06-17-2010, 01:47 AM
Originally Posted by Keldor
Apparently I rant. That must be why I'm so hard to understand. I mean, I try and explain things in simplistic terms that even a NASCAR fan on his second 12-pack of the morning can understand, while simultaneously talking about complex astrophysics and non-positivist approaches to psychology. My family and friends tell me that this is a very useful skill, for them, and that it's one of the few things about my personality that make up for my raging egotism. That said, most people are well below my capacity for identifying patterns and understanding how they integrate with one another. I didn't believe I was smarter than other people for most of my life, and the disillusionment was hard to go through. Now when I explain things to people in a way they can understand, it seems to make them feel stupid. I'd rather make people feel stupid than make people feel empowered by ignorance, because in that second option I just have to make them feel really really stupid later on when I'm cleaning up whatever mess they made. In all I'm saving myself time and effort, which incidentally saves face for the stupid people I talk down to. I'd really like to be more sensitive, but it simply is not an effective survival strategy, and in refusing to compromise on being nice I have repeatedly lost everything I cared about. Now that I've made that compromise, I find it difficult to care what other people think unless it has utility to me. In the self-interested agenda to live in a world that's not completely populated by people I can't stand talking to, I have become a jerk, and I'm okay with that. If you've got a problem with me being a jerk, go fix the world and I'll happily change to adapt to an enlightened peaceful utopia run by incorruptible benevolent philosopher kings, where healthy food is free and disease has been eradicated. Until then, bite me, I'm NOT going to talk down to people's level AND kiss their unwiped behinds. I also am not going to find very many people that can talk to me at my level, so on those RARE occasions I am always certain to make a long term friend.

Now, of course you think I'm being egotistical here, reader (nobody in particular). You are identifying yourself as someone who must be spoken down to, someone who cannot reach up to my level in the first place. You are identifying, by calling me an egotist, that you are the person I am talking about when I describe a conversation about black hole physics being interrupted by your burp and fart jokes. I have not been respected by you, and I have no reason to respect you in return. You may not know that your existence offends me, but that doesn't mean I have to tailor my messages specifically to what you want me to have said. You are the egotistical one for not recognizing that people are only extra-ordinary if they are NOT ordinary. You are the one who thinks the whole world should bend around what you want, including what I want, and YOU are the one demanding that others change their behavior to meet your expectations. You are, in my opinion, a witless fascist, the worst kind of tyrant.

Alright, so, now that I have explained why I don't waste walls of text touching on every pointless talking point issue that every forum troll's cousin has already seen five hundred thousand times because you get every post that doesn't say exactly what you want it to say... closed... on to clarify my point that was so thoughtfully mis-paraphrased in the quote above.

PvP battles between teams of practiced and well-organized players last FOREVER. However, when it's one skilled team versus one batch of braindead noobs, it STILL takes a very very long time. I haven't seen a match go less than half an hour since 1.2 launched, and the most common match length I've seen is about one hour. Perhaps flags flip too slowly, perhaps 15 is too many kill points to gain from people who only have one strategy on their ship, that being "run away." Perhaps it's just that healing skills still outpace DPS by about 200%. I don't know, and after all the testing I did and organizing the fleet to go help on tribble on a whim for an entire week... not only does my fleet not want me to ask them for anything ever again, they are all as bored as I am of never-ending matches. There's no sense of accomplishment from fighting for an hour over a 20% boost to 300 bridge officer training points. Since you can't win a fight in a reasonable amount of time anymore, I have fleetmates who are only able to play one partial match per day now, and it takes them three to six days to get a PvP daily completed because they just can't devote 3 hours a night every night for a month and a half or longer to getting one set of purple gear. The ones who level their toons entirely in PvP because they find PvE mind-numbingly boring are finding themselves unable to level at all, because the Qs are mostly empty below T5, and on the rare occasions that a match does pop, half the people don't enter, and the other half fly out to the warp barrier and leave.

The community is what's broken, and it will take some thoughtful social engineering to fix that dynamic. Luckily, this is an MMO, and social engineering is the point in the first place.

BTW, I'm a jerk.
I don't think anyone thinks you are a jerk, or that you are talking over anyone. However, your posts are massive paragraphs that jump subjects every sentence or two. You have many great ideas and points, but they are just sort of splattered all about in your posts. Perhaps working on organizing your paragraphs better and breaking them up to more readable chucks will really help get your message across.

I'd also recommend reducing your word count, Lots of your sentences are redundant which needlessly inflates your paragraph size and ends up confusing people trying to read the 20 line wall of text. Perhaps take a few extra minutes to review your post and try to keep what you're trying to say short and sweet. Perhaps when you better organize your ideas, and improve your overall paragraph structure, you will find that people can understand you just fine.

Hope i could help you some.
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06-17-2010, 02:37 AM
As much as I agree with the points you make Keldor about PVE, do we really need another long paragraph of how awesome intellectually you are?

Please skip the armchair rocket scientist routine and just stick to the actual issues. People understand things at different speeds and their brain is wired to perceive information and process it in rather unique patterns. No need for Dr Evil proclamations or muhahaha moments stroking the cat.

The game needs a better A.I. for sure, because at the moment, we seem to dispose a ridiculous amount of enemies with every mission. Not even the Dominion formitable ship construction capabilities at their peak would be able to keep up with the amount of ships a single players can take out. This can be accomplished by having the NPC trigger the abilities in a more opportunistic manner and not every possible CD. They need to cooperate like on ground combat, healing each other and use team support abilities. Additionally they need to be much tougher (last longer) but their damage needs to stay within reason to avoid the overkill burst bug torps and other abilities that seem to one shot people through shields.

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